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Larijani Opposes Single Strategy towards All Parties

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TEHRAN, April 12 (ICANA) – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has voiced opposition to “bulk banning” of the entire political parties by resorting to a single strategy against them all. “If this has occurred it has been due to the behavior seen in the post-presidential election era,” the chief legislator said.
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 1:43:49 PM
Larijani Opposes Single Strategy towards All Parties

The Majlis speaker who was speaking at a meeting with members of the Central Committee of Mardmosalari (Democracy) Party Monday, further reiterated, “If the parties acted rationally the atmosphere for rational political work and competition would prevail and that in a process would improve the political atmosphere of the country.”

The top lawmaker pointed out that the people’s representatives at the parliament are fulfilling their responsibilities within the limits of the law, including efforts aimed at balancing and harmonizing political activities.

On continuation of the political parties’ lives, Larijani said, “This political system does not intend to discriminate the political parties that act rationally. The parties can move in the framework of the system’s constitution and in line with the national interests.

He reiterated, “32 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, it is quite natural to expect the existence of political maturity in the country, so that preserving the system’s interests would not be merely a task for the government, but a public responsibility.”

In response to a question on whether there is any guarantee for continuation of political life of political parties that criticize the conduct of the system, Larijani said, “The political parties are clear from charges unless proved otherwise.”

He confirmed that “there are of course hindrances and problems in this respect that are in need of action to be removed and remedied.”

Larijani added that at the parliament the atmosphere is appropriate for expressing various viewpoints, arguing, “When expressing these viewpoints justice should be observed, since criticizing beyond the limits of justice would disturb the social balance outside the parliament.”

At the end he referred to the performance of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s cabinet, arguing, “Any government has strong and weak points in its record, and the current government, for instance has had good performance in housing sector andmistakes in other fields, which need to be corrected.”

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