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US to Plan Attacking al-Qaeda in Yemen: Analyst

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TEHRAN, April 13 (ICANA) – The US will use al-Qaeda as an excuse to attack Yemen and plant another puppet dictator as the unpopular Yemeni President Saleh loses power.
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 2:04:40 PM
US to Plan Attacking al-Qaeda in Yemen: Analyst

In an interview with Press TV, political analyst from Damascus Taleb Ibrahim says that al-Qaeda and the CIA are working together to make a kind of real argument for them to stay in Persian Gulf states and have a military presence in the region, not only to deploy forces but also to exploit oil resources.

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Q: What do you think has prompted the shift in the United States and other countries' stance towards Saleh and his regime?

Ibrahim: I think it's now very clear that the Western and neighboring countries are not begging Ali Abdul Saleh as they were before. Now they can find another person who will keep their interests in Yemen and who will be another guard towards Saudi interests in Yemen.

At this stage, they are trying to kidnap the revolution. There are real fears in Saudi Arabia about the success of this revolution because if this revolution succeeds and makes a real democratic change in Yemen, the spark may be transferred to Saudi Arabia.

So, it is very important to the West and Saudi Arabia to control the power transfer in Yemen. They are saying that the old horse, which is Ali Abdul-Saleh, is in no more use to them and gives more trouble to them.

The revolution may go in the opposite side, although it may not make a guarantee to the Saudi Arabian and American side in Yemen, but they will find a complicated situation in Yemen.

Q: President Saleh has become the figure of public hatred. Does his removal and replacement by his deputy really solve his problem?

Ibrahim: I think it will partially solve the problem, not all the problems because the problems of Yemen are very complicated. All kinds of problems are in Yemen: unemployment, the tribal structure, a weak army, a divided country, the poor infrastructure. All [Persian] Gulf States must pay a large investment for employment and other factors in Yemen.

The information we have is that there are 60 million weapons in the hands of the tribes and the population. This exclusive mixture of social, economic and tribal factors should not be sorted immediately but partially for a temporary time.

At the end, the problem should be restarted. I think it is very difficult to find any resolution for all Yemeni problems with the departure of President Ali-Abdul Saleh.

Q: The special relationship between Yemen and the US administration under Saleh was that the Americans were fighting a proxy war using Yemeni troops to fight al-Qaeda in Yemen. How big of a threat is al-Qaeda in Yemen at this point?

Ibrahim: I think where you find disorder you will find al-Qaeda. Any clause you find in any country that will provide a very good environment for al-Qaeda will, at the same time, provide a very good environment for the CIA. This, in Yemen, is very clear.

As we remember, Ali Abdul-Saleh himself brought al-Qaeda to Yemen to fight south Yemen when they were trying to break the unity of Yemen. And now we find that the same problem al-Qaeda in Afghanistan had with the Americans is seen in Yemen, and is a real danger in Yemen.

The danger of al-Qaeda in Yemen is backing American interests in the [Persian] Gulf region and Saudi Arabia. They will frighten others from al-Qaeda. This will give the United States a real reason to make all of this area under control.

I think at this point that al-Qaeda and the CIA are working towards the same thing to keep the American pressure in all [Persian] Gulf States and the region and to make a kind of real argument for them to stay and have a military presence in the [Persian] Gulf area, to deploy forces, and drill in this area.

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