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Saudi-Bahraini Forces Serve as US Killers: Academic

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TEHRAN, April 13 (ICANA) – Saudi Forces along with Bahraini Security Forces have remained persistent in brutal and draconian tactics against innocent, unarmed civilians of the Persian Gulf country.
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 2:06:02 PM
Saudi-Bahraini Forces Serve as US Killers: Academic

They are trying to quell the peaceful uprising by spraying protesters with out of date potentially toxic gases, kidnapping, shootings and torturing them and even desecrating mosques and burning the holy Qur'an.

Press TV interviewed Daoud Khairallah, Prof. of Law as he shares his knowledge on the dire crisis in Bahrain.

Q: Mr. Khairallah, when we talk about Saudi Arabia, obviously they record the human rights violations and Gaddafi. The United States has been aware for decades with their relationship, and with the support they have had from Saudi Arabia regardless of the violations that the Saudis have done in their kingdom. We have the lack of western news coverage. What are the reasons behind the US when it comes to Saudi Arabia?

Khairallah: Double standards are not anything new as far as policies in the Middle East. [The US] It has practiced this for generations and decades now. It seems that the US values certain stability in Saudi Arabia and in the [Persian] Gulf region in general. I don't mind for the stake of that stability to keep human rights and go against my values like values about democracy and human rights, freedom of speech, organization and all that stuff. It seems that the US would like to allow a little situation that is abnormal in the region especially when it sees the development of the fomenting sectarian culture and sectarian affiliations.

The consequences of this are going to be very dangerous and explosive in the area if they continue to play that role. The problem in Bahrain could have been fixed in a more human and calmer way. Unfortunately, the US and Saudi Arabia had a different course to take. Although, the US initially said that it was encouraging some reforms in Bahrain. However, they gave up on that. They focused on eliminating any role for Iran in the area I think. This is the plot of the multi-nations: Saudi and the Americans. There is a group in the US that supports this policy. There are some people who feel that the isolation of Iran is a major goal.

Q: The questions comes to the US again in terms of supporting Bahrain, and at the same time not setting their example that they have advocated most recently in the state department and its human rights report for 2010.

Khairallah: It's true and so obvious that the US has forsaken a declared policy in terms of accepting human rights and things like this. They have just turned a blind eye to what is going on in Bahrain in violation of their policy and human rights. Regarding the Saudi intervention in Bahrain, they said about the Saudi intervention in Bahrain, “The government of Bahrain is entitled according to international law to seek assistance from other forces, and it can exercise this right it has by international law by inviting the Saudis or [Persian] Gulf Forces into Bahraini territory.”

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