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Int'l Community Has Forgotten Bahrain

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TEHRAN, April 13 (ICANA) – The US, the so called advocate of human rights, not only finances the continuance of massacres by Saudi Troops in Bahrain but also blacks out their media coverage.
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 2:07:41 PM
Int'l Community Has Forgotten Bahrain

Press TV interviewed Nabeel al-Samman of Al-Watan Newspaper in Damascus regarding the revolution in Bahrain.

Q: Why has the Western media imposed a black out on the situation in Bahrain because effectively they are turning a blind eye to what is going on there?

al-Samman: Well the West is silent about the massacres in Bahrain. It's a double standard as everybody knows. There is interest for the West in Bahrain, and everybody knows there is a base in Bahrain. This base supplies the Armed Forces of the United States in Afghanistan. So, the interests of America and the West in Bahrain, is different from its interest in Egypt or Tunisia where there are no bases.

The double standard is very obvious. When you talk to the western media there is nothing mentioned about Bahrain; it's as if nothing is going on. This is unbelievable. I believe that the crackdown by the Bahraini government or the Saudi government will not help in the long run. It will aggravate the situation. The situation in Bahrain is very fluid. The state is almost at a standstill. The more the crackdowns they have the more the situation will be aggravated.

I think the wise thing for the King is to accept the demand of the moderate opposition, as they ask for only constitutional changes. We are traveling into a dark alley, and we don't know the end of it. I think in the end the losers are the Bahraini people, and the loyalty will not respond to the demands of the people.


Q: The Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have now arrested two senior clerics. The Saudis and Bahraini forces are now well focused on violating religious sanctities. Tell us more about this tactic they are using.

al-Samman: Well I think the Saudis are trying to implement and play on divisions by showing this as a Sunni Shia division to the people while in reality it is a reform that should be applied by the King of Bahrain. There is no Shia or Sunni division. This is a ploy by the Saudis, so they will push the Wahhabi in Saudi Arabia to support the government.

They know that anything in Bahrain will affect the Saudi monarchy. The revolutions in the Arab world are threatening the Saudi monarchy. They are feeling the change in the Arab world will affect their regime. Thus, they will do anything to quell down the revolution in Bahrain. It is part of their borders.

You know the whole of Saudi Arabia, for we hear about people revolting not only in Shia areas but in Sunni areas where there is injustice being done on many Saudis, they are pockets of poverty in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi came up with duration for the general public for reforms. Why did they not do it in the past? They are trying to buy the public with money. This is not working. In the short run it may quell down the feelings of injustice in Saudi Arabia, but it will not work in the long run.

I think the more the Saudis crack down on the religious leaders in Bahrain the more it will ignite revolution and more support in Bahrain. This is not support. It is an occupation. Usually any military- assistance of a country to another country should come through international bodies like the United Nations or the Security Council.

We saw that in Libya, where there was a resolution for the US forces and for the West to intervene in Libya, there were no resolutions though as far as Bahrain, which shows more or less that this is an occupation. They were nominating for the Arab Leagues to discuss the Bahraini situation.

This shows that the West is pushing many Arab states toward the US to accept the occupation of Bahrain. Bahrain is not anymore a sovereign state because the neighboring armies outnumber the Bahraini army. So we cannot talk about a military system. We are talking about occupation by the Saudi and Kuwait and UAE forces.

Q: Mr. Abdallah, how far do you think the al-Khalifa is willing to go with all this?

al-Samman: I think they will continue to go as far as they wish, for otherwise, the Saudi Forces would not have been in Bahrain. I think the Saudi Forces and the Kuwaiti forces and the UN forces will stay in Bahrain for a long time. Otherwise, the regime would be toppled easily. So we are looking at a long occupation of Bahrain. I don't think this will dissolve. It will take time to see what will happen.

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