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SOMALIA: Speaker Defends Parliament Extension Term

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TEHRAN, April 15 (ICANA) – Nairobi (RBC) Speaker of the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) Shariif Hassan Sheekh Adan spoke at meeting Nairobi which he strongly defended the three year increment for Somali parliament.
Friday, April 15, 2011 12:56:21 PM
SOMALIA: Speaker Defends Parliament Extension Term

The speech he made the first day of the meeting focused on the need to increase time for parliament. He said it is necessity that brought the decision of time increment for the Somali parliament, raxanreeb.com.

In addition to that he said “if we could not take this decision the country would face political vacuum which will cause chaos, and it will take time to form another government”. On the other hand the Members of the parliament voted unanimously for the decisions which they all represents all the Somali clans. He criticized the government of Prime Minister Farmaajo, and President Shariiif Sheekh Ahmed for trying to oppose the three year increment.

Speaker Shariif said they have named an electoral committee which has already started its duty, the preparation for the presidential election soon be started. The electoral committee is overseen by the parliament. He strongly said the term of the President will end in the Month of August.

The speaker did not talk even once what time the election for the speaker will be held.

On the other side there were two delegates from Alhu-Sunna who attended the meeting, and their spokesman said they need support for them to eliminate Al-shabaab from Somalia.

Ahlu-Suuna said they are the right religious leaders who have been spreading the Islamic religion in Somalia but unknown groups came up which started destruction of mosque, cemeteries, and started fighting within the country which forced to arm themselves and confront these groups.

They also said with their coalition with the Somali government brought many success which the Somali government is happy about it.

Today the second day of the meeting, also the last day expected to be finalized, there are expectations that all groups will submit their last opinions later to be submitted to the press.

There are about fifteen members from the international community who are expected to speak to the press after the meeting.

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