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Somali President Says Parliament Speaker Is Clearly a Dictator

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TEHRAN, April 15 (ICANA) – Somali president, Sheikh Sharif Sh. Ahmed had meeting with about 200 MPs in the presidential palace in the capital Mogadishu and talked many issues including Nairobi-consultative conference which his government boycotted, state media said.
Friday, April 15, 2011 8:12:56 PM
Somali President Says Parliament Speaker Is Clearly a Dictator

Sheikh Sharif Sh. Ahmed, president of Somali transitional federal government has had meeting with about 200 Somali parliamentarians in the capital Mogadishu and denounced Nairobi-talks and indicated that it was not in the interest and solution of Somali nation, but serves for the enemy and destruction of the progress his government reached, reports said.

“The world used to say that Somalia had a dictator president before, but now we have a dictator parliament speaker”, president Sharif said.      

Mr. Sharif accused Somali parliament, speaker, Sharif Hassan Sh.of attending to the consultative meeting in Nairobi sponsored by the United Nations without full confidence of his council and thanked mps to their rejection to that conference.

Somali president, Sharif asked parliamentarians to review the executive council’s one year extension and pass it as he said the government made progress in the war it has with Al-Shabab forces.

Sharif’s speech comes as Nairobi-consultative meeting got into its second day and seems to be at closure although the outcome could not be predicted now.

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