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US Attempts to Undermine Iran-Egypt Ties: MP

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, April 16 (ICANA) – A senior Iranian MP has urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be more active regarding the ongoing developments in the Middle East and North Africa. He also says the US is trying to undermine Tehran-Cairo ties.
Saturday, April 16, 2011 10:40:39 AM
US Attempts to Undermine Iran-Egypt Ties: MP

Appraising the actions taken by the Foreign Ministry regarding the recent developments in the region, Alaeddin Boroujerdi said while such a rapid transition in an extensive political geography has been unprecedented, a number of lawmakers particularly members of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Majlis believe that in terms of diplomacy the Islamic Republic should be more responsive to such developments.

Speaking to Khabar Online, Boroujerdi who heads the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Majlis said: "It's rational to expect the foreign policy organization of the Islamic Republic to be more active in respect to ongoing changes in the region.”

He said: “Regarding the swift developments occurring in some Muslim countries including Egypt, a new page has been opened in the relations between the two countries. As Egypt's Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi expressed his country's interests in boosting relations with the Islamic Republic.”

Following the remarks made by Egypt's Foreign Minister, his Iranian counterpart Ali Akbar Salehi welcomed a move in resuming earlier strained ties between the two countries. However, the head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Majlis believes: "Actual steps are expected to be taken by grasping such an opportunity since the United States administration and the Zionist regime of Israel are trying to undermine the new round of ties between the two Muslim countries. So we must take the opportunity and counter their action.”

On the issue of Bahrain uprising, killing Shiite people and the role the Islamic Republic of Iran can play, Boroujerdi stated: "I think the Islamic Republic of Iran views the problem of Bahrain as that of an independent country which is a member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). If it was not for the interference of Saudi Arabia through mobilizing its military forces and the massacre of defenseless people of Bahrain, we would not take such a stance.”

The head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Majlis went on to say: "The current events in Bahrain reveal the oppression of defenseless people. We adopted the same policy toward the people of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya since the Islamic Republic is generally concerned about Muslim nations whether they are Sunni or Shiite. As in Libya fighter planes are attacking people; in Bahrain citizens are targeted by helicopters; tanks and artilleries. I suppose it will be to the benefit of Saudi Arabia to follow much logical policies in approaching Bahrain uprising.”

Earlier the foreign ministers of the six member (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council had criticized the statement of the National Security Commission of the Majlis which condemned the meddling of Saudi military forces aimed to suppress the revolt of Shiite majority in Bahrain. Iranian lawmakers believe it reveals the widespread influence of the Majlis in probing the developments in the region.

In their own turn, at an emergency meeting held in Riyadh, the foreign ministers of (P)GCC members including Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE) issued a statement expressing deep concern over what they claimed to be Iran's continuing interference in the internal affairs of Bahrain which they said is in violation of international pacts.

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