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Russian Opposition Demands Free, Fair Elections

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TEHRAN, April 16 (ICANA) – Several thousand people came out to say they are against lawlessness and corruption, and want to have free and fair elections.
Saturday, April 16, 2011 11:12:02 PM
Russian Opposition Demands Free, Fair Elections

Other demands include fair trials, public control over law enforcement agencies, the right to choose regional governors and free media.

Many of these people represent the opposition Party of People's Freedom.

It was set up last year by four anti-Kremlin politicians - Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Milov, Mikhail Kasyanov and Vladimir Ryzhkov.

The party needs to have 45 thousand members by late April in order to apply for registration in May.

Its leaders plan to nominate a presidential candidate and say They say the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections are the only chance to avert future popular unrest, like that in the Arab world.

Earlier president Dmitry Medvedev named opposition figures among politicians with good potential who could become future leaders.

Yet critics argue the opposition lacks enough popular support to challenge the authorities.

Despite growing discontent with the ruling party, a Levada Center survey showed two thirds of the population still support the policies of president Medvedev and prime minister Putin.

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