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Italians Demand Parliament "Clean-Up"

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TEHRAN, April 17 (ICANA) – Famous comedian and political wild-child Beppe Grillo initiated a nation-wide event in 2007 during which 350,000 people signed a petition to rid parliament of certain types of politicians; More specifically those who have served more than two terms in office and those with criminal records.
Sunday, April 17, 2011 1:15:57 PM
Italians Demand Parliament "Clean-Up"

The current set-up sends a negative message to citizens, they say.

Three years later and no sign of any progress… The law proposal is still pending in Senate and according to Giuseppe Marinello of the People for Freedom party - there's no point in blaming politicians for facts made aware to voters before elections.

Meanwhile, the faces and names of politicians who have been incriminated for a wide range of crimes continue to be exposed - ones that range from fraud and false testimony to corruption and terrorism. But to the government's defense - none of them make a person currently illegible to be an MP by Italian law.

As for Beppe Grillo and his team - Elections in June will be the next step, where they hope to steer Italians away from the current political scene and into a “cleaner” future for all.

The goal of Saturday's national demonstration was to clean up what many qualify here as a "mess" happening in parliament - 3 years have passed with little or no consideration from lawmakers, and there's little hope that any will come soon.

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