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Larijani Slams US Officials for Contradictory Remarks on Iran, ME

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, April 17 (ICANA) – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says the United States is trying to make democracy-seeking movements in the Middle East a failure by indulging in violence in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain.
Sunday, April 17, 2011 1:32:24 PM
Larijani Slams US Officials for Contradictory Remarks on Iran, ME

Addressing the opening session of the parliament Sunday, he denounced the stances of the US and Western governments regarding the public uprisings in the Middle East region.

Referring to the contradictory comments made by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about Iran and the ongoing events in the Middle East, he expressed regret that her remarks were filled with so much sharply contrasting views.

He said Clinton made opposing remarks about the influence of Iran on the current regional uprisings by saying that they were triggered by Iran and then making another sharply contrasting remark by saying that Iran was after destroying the democratic revolutions in the Middle East through carefully engineered schemes.

The speaker believed such contradictory remarks revealed the bewilderment of the US administration, noting that the main problem with the American officials was that they were now regarded number one culprits in the region for having supported their puppet rulers in the region for several decades.

"On one hand, she claims Arab nations should be vigilant and not to be tricked by Iran and on the other hand she says that Iran is trying to destroy democratic revolutions in the Middle East through a pre-determined program."

He added, "Considering regional events, their comments are much far from reality."

"If regional revolutions, according to them, are rooted in goals of the Iranian Revolution, why Iran should destroy the uprisings."

"On one hand, they raise concerns over Iran's support for these revolutions, they say the uprisings are rooted in Iranian teachings and on the other hand they claim Iran is trying to damage the movements," he added.

"The US dictatorial and colonial behavior is the major problem in the region which cannot be tolerated by nations."

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Friday accused Iran of trying to exploit and hijack democracy protests in the Middle East and North Africa. Clinton spoke at the end of a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Berlin focusing on Libya and regional unrest.

In her strongest comments on the subject to date, Clinton is accusing Iran of hypocritically trying to align itself with popular uprisings in some North African and Middle Eastern states, while trying to thwart democracy movements at home and in its key ally Syria.

Speaking in Berlin a day after the State Department said Iran was materially aiding political repression by Syria, Clinton said there is no evidence Iran has instigated Middle East protests, but said Iran is trying to "take advantage" of the turmoil.

"They are trying to exploit unrest. They are trying to advance their agenda in neighboring countries. They continue to try to undermine peace and stability to provoke further conflict," said Clinton. "And we want people in the region to understand that the Iranian government’s motive here is to destabilize countries, not to assist them in their democratic transitions."

Clinton said Iran’s silence on anti-government protests in Syria is a further example of "hypocrisy" by Tehran and said in an era of instant communication, no one is fooled by Iranian tactics.

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