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European Parliament Condemns Pakistan Support to Taliban

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TEHRAN, April 18 (ICANA) – The European Parliament (EP) passed two declarations against Pakistan government condemning it for its support to Taliban and instructed the European Commission to re-evaluate the size of financial packages provided to Islamabad to eradicate terrorists from is soil.
Monday, April 18, 2011 11:23:36 AM
European Parliament Condemns Pakistan Support to Taliban

According to The Hindu daily, a statement on Friday said these declarations came recognising the need for urgent measure to be taken for the safety and security for EU, “as Pakistan didn't stop supporting Taliban and has been involved in supporting export of terrorism to EU countries.”

Expressing worry of the European Union, one declaration warned about, infiltration of Taliban in Pakistan governmental structures especially military, intelligence and security establishment and cited U.S. President Barack Obama's 2009 warning of Taliban “snatching a nuclear weapon in transport or inserting sympathisers in laboratories.”

Intelligence sources, the declaration said, are now stating that the Taliban is continuously attempting to gain control over nuclear warheads, which clearly poses a threat to the EU and the world, and called upon the European Commission to “re-evaluate the size and objectives” of its financial aid package to Pakistan depending on the sincere efforts of the government in Islamabad to eradicate terrorist “operating on and from'' its soil.

Since the 2004 agreement, the EU has granted more than Euro 800 million aid to Pakistan towards projects and programmes, flood relief and also to address poverty in North-West Frontier Areas.

The Parliament also called upon the Vice President/high representatives to come up with an updated Security Strategy for EU on priority and ask senior experts to undertake a study of security situation in the region.

It also asked them to make sure that all EU operations and missions in the region are equipped and undertaken by personnel trained for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear terrorism.

In the backdrop of the assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer by his bodyguard and reaction of his close protection team, the second declaration said: it indicates infiltration of extremist elements into Pakistan' security services, responsible to safeguard the country's nuclear arsenal.

Noting that extremism and terrorism is a threat to the stability of Pakistan, the South Asian region and to international security forces in Afghanistan, it said elements of Pakistan intelligence and security services are suspected of giving “practical and financial support” to terror groups.

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