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Taliban Call British Troops Donkeys

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TEHRAN, April 18 (ICANA) – Britain risks losing the war in Afghanistan because commanders are more concerned with protecting soldiers than defeating the Taliban, a senior army officer has warned.
Monday, April 18, 2011 7:49:25 PM
Taliban Call British Troops Donkeys

The officer lashed out at the British strategy in southern province of Helmand, where the UK troops are stationed as part of the NATO-led operation in Afghanistan. The senior army officer said soldiers are now laden with equipment they are incapable of launching effective attacks against insurgents.

According to anonymous officer, the Taliban have dubbed British troops "donkeys" who move in a tactical "waddle" because they now carry an average weight of 110lbs worth of equipment into battle.

The consequences of the strategy, he says, is that "our infantry find it almost impossible to close with the enemy because the bad guys are twice as mobile".

The officer claims that by the end of a routine four hour patrol, soldiers struggle to make basic tactical judgements because they are physically and mentally exhausted.

"We're getting to a point where we are losing as many men making mistakes because they are exhausted from carrying armor (and the things that go with it) than are saved by it," he warns.

Britain's military's command structure in Afghanistan also comes in for criticism and is described as a "bloated over complex system that sucks the life out of operations" and where "decision and action get lost in Chinese whispers and Chinese parliaments that turn most of operational staff 'work' into operational staff waste".

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