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Traditional Family Life Dying in UK

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TEHRAN, April 18 (ICANA) – British society is witnessing a swift end to traditional family life with 46 percent of children now born to unmarried mothers, which Britons once considered a social taboo, states a new report.
Monday, April 18, 2011 7:51:46 PM
Traditional Family Life Dying in UK

According to the report, nearly half of all children will go through the trauma of seeing their parents divorce before they are 16.

Some 48 percent will have experienced the break-up of their family by the time they reach the milestone, the report went on to say, adding that this has increased from 40 percent a decade ago.

The report produced by the Center for Social Justice think tank says that extramarital births are at an all-time high in the UK, while nine out of ten couples live together before getting married, compared to fewer than one in 30 prior to the Second World War.

A child in a single-parent family is 75 percent more likely to struggle at school, 70 percent more likely to become addicted to drugs, 50 percent more likely to develop a drinking problem and 35 percent more likely to be unemployed in adulthood, the think tank said.

Gavin Poole, executive director, said an increase in cohabitation was a major factor in the breakdown of traditional family life.

“Marriage and commitment tend to stabilize and strengthen families and cannot be ignored. The peculiarly high levels of family breakdown found in Britain are at the heart of the social breakdown which is devastating our most deprived families,” he said.

The last Labour government was frequently accused of overseeing the collapse of marriage as an institution, and Britain is one of the few EU countries, which does not reward marriage in the tax system.

David Cameron has promised to give married couples a tax incentive before the end of the current parliament.

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