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Lebanese Mark Qana Massacre Anniv.

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TEHRAN, April 19 (ICANA) – April 18th, 1996 was a dreadful day for all Lebanese. The day is known as the Qana Massacre when Israeli forces shelled a United Nations compound killing 106 civilians and wounding 116 others in the Southern Lebanon village of Qana.
Tuesday, April 19, 2011 8:03:20 PM
Lebanese Mark Qana Massacre Anniv.

The massacre took place amid fighting between Israeli forces and the Hezbollah resistance movement.

The civilians, many of them women and children had sought refuge in the UN compound from the fierce battle.

Israel to this day claims the shelling was a technical mistake, however, a United Nations investigation confirmed that it was very unlikely that Israel shelled the compound by error.

Amnesty international reported that the move was a breach of international law because UN positions are not legitimate targets, and that the shelling indicated a blatant disregard for civilian lives.

Families of the martyrs, Lebanese civilians as well as officials gathered in Qana to commemorate the martyrs of the attack.

Hezbollah's Member of Parliament "Nawwaf Al-Moussawi" stressed on this occasion the importance of resisting Israeli crimes as Lebanon's only means of defense.

Also Member of Parliament and Head of the Nasserite Organization "Oussama Saad" explained how history has proved that Israel is a state that only knows how to communicate through violence.

The participation of people from all religions, sects and parties was evident in this commemoration demonstrating that the Qana massacre anniversary is a humane cause under which all differences disband.

Even though the UN formally announced that the massacre was not an accident, and that Israel tried to cover up its actions, to this date no one has been brought to justice.

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