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'Bahrain Cruelty Swells Hatred for West'

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TEHRAN, May 1 (ICANA) – The US and UK silence over the Saudi-backed crackdown on Bahraini protesters have fueled anti-West sentiment in the Arab world.
Sunday, May 01, 2011 1:39:08 PM

Press TV talks with Professor Rodney Shakespeare, chairman of the Committee against Torture in Bahrain, in London to discuss the Western hypocrisy regarding the popular uprisings in the Arab world.

Q: Not doctors or athletes or professors or any regular people seem to be protected in Bahrain as the regime has come down hard on everyone. Why do you think the Saudi-backed regime has responded with such brute force and continue to do so?

Shakespeare: That's reasonably easy to answer. The Wahhabi Saudi sadists get their kicks, no doubt they are sexual kicks, from beating up young girls and the Khalifa killers get their fun by suffocating a boy of six. They are perverts, the lot of them. They are also ghoulish totalitarian tyrants who are out of touch with history and they are supported by the Zionists and the Americans and the British and they think they can get away with it.

The world is changing and it won't be long before it changes so profoundly that the level of hatred for the USA and the UK and Israel will go shooting up. At this moment the people of the Middle East can see there is a chance at democracy, but what's happening? We've got perversions, we've got goons, we've got disgusting brutality and the ordinary people know it. And the levels of hatred are increasing.

Anything that the West now does, for example trying to interfere in Syria and not doing anything in Bahrain; that message goes out to ordinary people that the West are disgusting lying hypocrites who are basically serving the interests of a totally paranoid out of control Israel.

Q: You talk about the average person's awareness (in the Middle East). Do you think that the average British person is becoming more aware of the situation and of the hypocrisy in British foreign policy and its impact on Bahrain?

Rodney Shakespeare: Opinion formers are most certainly becoming aware and in due course that will purvey throughout the population. It was only four weeks ago that there was no way to get the message into the European parliament, but work has been done by people and in the UK there are newspapers like the Guardian and the Independent and the message is getting out. Informed people now know what is going on. And therefore it means that some stage in the future we will succeed in getting the al-Khalifa killers and their Saudi henchmen and get them lined up before a criminal court.

They think they can carry on for years and decades and rule by brutish suppression - they're wrong; the world is changing. And as for the USA and the UK, their interests are going down the drain.

It is possible that you may get a sudden reversal in UK and USA policy because even the stupid people like Hilary Clinton are capable of seeing at some stage that the policy the USA has embarked on at this moment is not serving American interests. So it's hard in Bahrain, it's hard on the people, but they should not give up hope and the word is getting out - in Egypt for example, the Rafah crossing is being opened; there is a Hamas-Fatah collaboration deal - all the time things are moving against the USA, UK, [and] Zionist policy.

Let these brave people (of Bahrain) continue and let these very brave people know that we are backing them and that in the long term things are going to go their way.

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