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Larijani: Concerns about Middle East Issues Real, Permanent

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, May 5 (ICANA) – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani considered sensitivities towards Middle East issues as real and permanent, saying ratification of the Iranian delegation’s proposal on defending democracy-seeking movements in the Middle East and North Africa was a great diplomatic achievement for the Islamic Republic of Iran at the 124th IPU conference in Panama.
Thursday, May 05, 2011 12:10:19 PM
Larijani: Concerns about Middle East Issues Real, Permanent

The Majlis Speaker made the remark in a meeting with members of the Iranian parliamentary delegation to the 124th  Interparliamentary Union meeting in Panama, held in mid-April.   

Referring to Iran’s proposal, he said, its unanimous approval at the biggest gathering of representatives of the world parliaments indicates that sensitivities towards the issues of Middle East are real and permanent.

He stressed that this sensitivity and meticulousness of the Iranian Majlis should be unremitting and issues related to the Middle East region should always be at the center of attention of parliamentary diplomacy of the Islamic Republic.

Turning to his recent telephone conversation with the head of the IPU on developments in Bahrain, he said, “The IPU is expected to form a fact-finding delegation comprising neutral people to probe into the critical human situation in Bahrain and report to the General Assembly of the Union.”

During the Spring meeting of the IPU, the parliamentary delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran proposed an emergency article, which was unanimously approved by representatives of world parliaments.

The proposal supports modern democracy seeking movements in the Middle East and North Africa and criticizes foreign interference in these movements.

The Iranian delegation to the IPU meet was led by chairman of Iran’s IPU executive council Heshmatolllah Falahatpisheh. 

Vice-chairman of the council Ali Islamipanah, members of the council Seyed Naser Moussavi, Seyed Mustafa Zolqadr, Seyed Sharif Hosseini and MPs Mohammad Reza Khabaz, Hamid Reza Pashang and Ms. Nayere Akhavan accompanied Falahatpished .

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