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Palestine Bracing for New Unity Government

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TEHRAN, May 6 (ICANA) – Following the landmark achievement, that is, the unity deal between Fatah and Hamas, now many challenges will have to be overcome by both parties to form a new government together.
Friday, May 06, 2011 11:48:17 AM
Palestine Bracing for New Unity Government

Hamas PM Ismail Haniyah delivered a comprehensive political speech, addressing the Palestinian nation, elaborating on the recent developments regarding the unity deal. He said the Israeli war and the ongoing siege have failed to break the will of the Palestinian people, adding that he will not be the PM of the new government, Press TV reported.

The make-up of the transitional government will be finalized in the coming weeks, the government's main task has already been defined. Its objectives include rebuilding the war-torn Gaza and preparing for presidential and parliamentary elections, to be held within a year. Given the fact that the political mandate of the acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas and both governments in Ramallah and Gaza has long expired, this is good news.

The Palestinian reconciliation has further changed the political landscape of the Middle East. For the first time in years, Palestinians will again be represented by a single government. This will strengthen their voice on the world stage. It has also given renewed impetus to the Palestinian statehood bid, which will be put to a vote at the UN General Assembly in September.

Given the extraordinary changes in the Middle East, experts say the US administration, the EU, as well as Israel must realize that the Gaza siege and the kind of policy that sought to isolate Hamas have failed

4 years of division have now ended. The Palestinian public are hopeful now to see that a unity government will do its best to address their everyday problems and confront the occupation.

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