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Quick Facts: How Many Ways Did Bin Laden Die?

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TEHRAN, May 6 (ICANA) – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., criticized President Barack Obama's decision not to release death photos of Osama bin Laden.
Friday, May 06, 2011 11:59:50 AM
Quick Facts: How Many Ways Did Bin Laden Die?

U.S. President Barack Obama has vowed not to release the photos of Osama bin Laden's death. This is being spun as an effort to avoid a backlash, but might be an effort to manage the rate at which new evidence challenging old lies continues to come out. Antiwar

How many ways did Bin laden die?

On Sunday night, May 1st, 2011, President Obama said "After a firefight, they (U.S. Navy Seals) killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body." NPR

That was followed by a conference call on May 2 where "senior administration officials" said Bin Laden "did resist the assault force. And he was killed in a firefight." slate.com

On the same day, John Brennan, the president's top counterterrorism adviser, told reporters that bin Laden "was engaged in a firefight with those that entered the area of the house he was in." NPR

This is while the New York Times reports that it has been told by the Obama administration officials that "the only shots fired" by those who were with Osama bin Laden in his compound "came at the beginning of the operation" conducted by U.S. commandos. NPR

While the term "firefight" has been used repeatedly in accounts of the raid-including reference to a woman who was wounded in "crossfire", U.S. media also reports that "there were no armed guards around the compound, according to a U.S. official who is not authorized to speak on the record." catholic.org

No firefight

Two senior Pakistani security officials, citing their investigation, said there was no firefight because the inhabitants never fired back. "It was cold-blooded" said one of the officials when asked if there was any exchange of fire during the operation which, U.S. officials said lasted nearly 40 minutes. Raw Story

Bin Laden was entirely unarmed; his wife was shot in an entirely different room. There was no "human shield", no Ak-47. Bin Laden's palatial estate, presented as damning evidence of Pakistani culpability, turned out to be a moldy, unairconditioned house. Antiwar

Also yet to be answered is the nature of the unarmed bin Laden's resistance to the heavily armed Navy SEALs, and why it required a response with deadly force. Officials acknowledge that a woman who "rushed" the SEALs was shot in the leg but not killed, but that bin Laden was shot in the head and the chest. Catholic.org

The report now is that bin Laden was successfully captured alive first and then summarily executed by U.S. troops. Antiwar

Family ties

One of Osama Bin Laden's daughters reportedly stood watching as her father was shot dead by a crack team of U.S. Navy SEALs inside his Pakistan compound. NY Times

The 12-year-old was one of a dozen women and children who survived Sunday's surgical strike that took down Osama bin Laden, a Pakistani intelligence official said Wednesday. NY Daily News

Pakistan has a number of Bin Laden's family members in custody, including his young daughter who reportedly was an eyewitness to her father's death. A story earlier reported that the daughter claims that Bin Laden was captured, and then killed by the U.S. assault team. Slatest.slate.com

Inside job?

World's most wanted al-Qaeda Chief Osama bin Laden was not killed by the U.S. special forces during a predawn raid at his compound in Abbottabad on late Sunday night, home to Pakistan Army's military academy and less than two hours drive form Islamabad. Nation

Instead, his body guard killed him to save him from being arrested alive, a Pakistani television quoted sources as saying. It said that the officials, who reached the compound after the operation, said they had not found any signs of resistance at any place in the compound. The official said signs indicate that Osama was shot in the head from a close range. Nation

Ready to flee?

Osama bin Laden had cash totaling 500 Euros ($740) and two telephone numbers sewn into his clothing when he was killed - sure signs that he was prepared to flee his compound at a moment's notice - top U.S. intelligence officials told members of Congress at a classified briefing in the Capitol Tuesday. Politico


CIA Director Leon Panetta told lawmakers about the items found in bin Laden's clothing in response to a question about why he wasn't guarded by more security personnel at his relatively luxurious home in a military town north of Islamabad. The answer according to one source: Bin Laden believed "his network was strong enough he'd get a heads-up" before any U.S. strike against him. Politico

Neighbor's accounts

According to eyewitnesses, at midnight on Sunday Mary 1, four helicopters arrived and dropped dozens of soldiers around the compound, then there was a big blast and flames followed by gunfire. Xinhua

Several neighbors said they used to see two middle-aged men, and sometimes children, coming and going from the house, mainly to buy groceries. WSJ

The inmates of the house where Osama bin Laden lived kept to themselves and were rarely seen. But one neighbor claimed visiting the house many times and talking to two "very nice and normal people". Daily Times

Another female neighbor who made a courtesy call on the house met an Arab woman who spoke only Arabic. They moved around in a white Suzuki and a red jeep. Daily Times

Legal killing?

A leading human rights group Tuesday questioned the killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Monstersandcritics.com

''If he wasn't shooting at the soldiers, the killing should be investigated,'' said Brad Adams, Asia director of New York-based Human Rights Watch. Monstersandcritics.com

U.S. media noted that "five of the approximately two dozen people in the compound were killed," leaving about 19 others who not only avoided death, but also did no harm to the SEALs. Catholic.org

The Archbishop of Canterbury admitted Thursday that he felt "very uncomfortable" with the killing of Osama bin Laden when he was unarmed. Christiantoday.com

Political game

Russian expert in Eastern affairs Andrey Grozin is convinced that the liquidation of Osama Bin Laden is part of America's big political game. English.ruvr.ru

Grozin said, "It's still a bit hard to predict all the consequences of Bin Laden's killing right now". "Some people say that Bin Laden must have been trialed and killed only after an official death sentence - like it was with Saddam Hussein. It looks like the U.S. had some special reason to hurry to kill him. Now, all we have to do is wait and see what the consequences may be". English.ruvr.ru

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