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Israel to Demonize Palestinian Union

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TEHRAN, May 6 (ICANA) – The reconciliation deal between Palestinian Hamas and Fatah factions has caused concerns for Israel, which will prompt Tel Aviv to cry foul over a lack of 'peace partner.'
Friday, May 06, 2011 12:24:39 PM
Israel to Demonize Palestinian Union

Press TV briefly talks with Mark Glenn, an author and political analyst, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, about Israel's next move in light of the recent Palestinian agreement.

Q: Strong opposition coming from the Israeli side with respects to this landmark deal - Will this stance lead to an increased isolation in the global arena?

Mark Glenn: No, I don't believe Israel is at all opposed to this. I think this is one of Israel's many and typical stage faces that she is maintaining in order to create a certain illusion.

I think this is exactly what Israel wants because as soon as the Palestinian Authority weds itself to Hamas, which is for all intensive purposes recognized internationally as a terrorist group, then Israel is going to turn on the media machine in demonizing the Palestinian Authority and continuing the usual rhetoric that she does not have a partner for peace.

Netanyahu already stated this morning in an article that appeared in Haaretz that Israel will not negotiate with terrorists and he is comparing Hamas to al-Qaeda and he says that the Palestinian Authority by wedding itself to Hamas or at least reconciling itself with Hamas is in effect taking on the status of a terrorist organization.

This is exactly what Israel needs in order to isolate this movement on the part of the Palestinians in getting international recognition and notoriety. We have many countries from around the world that have recognized the Palestinian state within the 1967 borders; it's going to be a very difficult position for them to maintain when the Palestinian Authority rightly or wrongly is tainted with the charge of being in league with a terrorist group.

So Israel doesn't stand to be isolated or alienated in any case, this is exactly what she wants to see take place in making this media war turn in her favor.

Q: Over the years we've seen Israel capitalize over its divide and rule policy with regards to the Palestinian factions - So their unity would not begin about any change in their approach toward their approach to what's happening in the Gaza strip as well as the West Bank as far as the illegal settlements go?

Mark Glenn: No. What can the Palestinians do? They can't do anything. The people of Gaza cannot even leave the enclave - they are powerless. Look at the way Israel deals with the so-called 'officials' of the Palestinian Authority they are forced to apply for approval just to leave their territory. So the Palestinians, it's sad to say, are powerless in this situation.

Israel holds all the cards. And as far as any kind of UN action goes we can forget about that because the UN has already proven itself to be absolutely ineffective when it comes to giving into what Israel demands.

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