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UK: Ex-Leader Accuses PM of Breach of Faith

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TEHRAN, May 6 (ICANA) – The former leader of Liberal Democrat Party has accused the British premier of a “breach of faith” as his No to the AV campaign has told a “regiment of lies."
Friday, May 06, 2011 7:41:25 PM
UK: Ex-Leader Accuses PM of Breach of Faith

Lord Ashdown, Nick Clegg's ally, has claimed that David Cameron's behavior would affect the future of the coalition, like "the terms on which it would finally end."

In an interview with the Guardian, he said, "So far the coalition has been lubricated by a large element of goodwill and trust. It is not any longer. The consequence is that when it comes to the bonhomie of the Downing Street rose garden, that has gone. It will never again be glad confident morning.”

The Lib Dem grandee attacked the British PM after analysts predicted the 'certain' defeat of the Lib Dems in the AV referendum, and party's losses in the May council elections in England.

He blamed the No on AV campaign for the personalized attacks on the UK deputy prime minister, and accordingly accused him of the broken promises on tuition fee rise and cut plans, claiming that the AV was a "Lib Dem fix.”

He expressed the outrage of the Liberal Democrats, since they believe there has been a “breach of faith.” “If the Conservative party funds to the level of 99% a campaign whose central theme is to denigrate and destroy our leader, there are consequences for that.”

"David Cameron is the prime minister. He sets the tone of politics in this country. It is an unhappy fact that when he was asked to dissociate himself from a campaign that was run on the basis of personalization and personal attacks, and messages that were far more than some subtle bending of the truth, he refused to do that,” he said.

"I have to say that Cameron did not dissociate himself from a campaign whose nature I believe every previous British prime minister in my time would have disassociated himself from. That is a grave disappointment.

"This is a triumph for the regiment of lies. We live with pretty strenuous political campaigns in Britain, but these were downright lies," he added.

Insisting on keeping the coalition with the conservatives until the end of the five-year parliament, Ashdown said: "We have set our hands to this task and now it must be completed so the purpose of the coalition has not altered, but the atmosphere of the coalition most assuredly has as a result of what has gone on in the past three weeks. I think we should be much more straightforward where we disagree. That is not a criticism of Clegg.”

He declared that he did not think the result of the AV referendum would influence the coalition, but it would affect the way it was fought.

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