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Scottish Independence: A Step Forward?

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TEHRAN, May 6 (ICANA) – The Scottish National Party leader, Alex Salmond, has described the latest elections as being 'historic' since his party has gained a significant success.
Friday, May 06, 2011 7:44:28 PM
Scottish Independence: A Step Forward?

As the results of the Scotland Parliamentary elections were declared, the Scottish National Party could achieve 30 seats, including 19 gains.

The SNP has taken the seats from key competitor, the Labour Party, along with the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, which have made the coalition government in London.

Following the victory of the SNPs in Scotland's Parliamentary election, James Mitchell, a professor of politics at Strathclyde University in Glasgow said, "It's quite a remarkable achievement, It looks like it's going to be an extraordinarily good night for the SNP."

Alex Salmond, who gained 64% of the votes in Aberdeenshire East, said in his victory speech that "firstly, I think it demonstrates that Scotland has outgrown negative campaigning. I hope after this result we'll see an end to negativity and scaremongering in Scottish politics - no more insults to the intelligence of the Scottish people."

"We have reached out to every community across the country. It's clear from the indications we've had so far that the SNP has restored trust, and we'll take that mandate and that trust to increase the powers of the Scottish Parliament," he added.

It has also been a bad night for the Lib Dems, as they lost at least 20 seats.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Tavish Scott claimed that the loss of his party was related to the Con/Lib Dem coalition government in London.

"What we need to recognise is that the UK coalition did cause our vote to either stay at home or move straight to the SNP,” he said.

"People are not happy about us being in the UK coalition and that is what we need to look at and understand," he noted.

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