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AV Referendum: Britain Votes No

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TEHRAN, May 7 (ICANA) – It was almost total wipeout for the Liberal Democrats - over a thousand of their councilors lost seats in local elections across the UK.
Saturday, May 07, 2011 11:39:51 AM
AV Referendum: Britain Votes No

Their former supporters punished them for U turning on proposals to increase university tuition fees and for propping up the right wing Conservative-led government.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives' support remained stable, which wasn't a bad result for an incumbent government.

And the opposition Labour party did quite well, gaining around 800 councilors.

Later in the day things went from bad to worse. Around 70 percent of voters rejected Lib Dem-backed plans to change the voting system.

The Alternative Vote was supposed to make Britain's parliament more representative. But those who bothered to vote decided that they preferred the current winner-takes-all system that supposedly leads to clear winners and strong governments.

This was a terrible day for the Liberal Democrats. The public seemed to be blaming the junior partner in the ruling coalition for the government's draconian public spending cuts which will cause hundreds of thousands of job losses. And the Lib Dems' demise will now have direct consequences for the ruling coalition itself.

Already there are murmurings of discontent around the cabinet table. Many Lib Dems feel the only thing they've got out of the coalition is unpopularity.

But the truth is that both parties need each other. The Conservatives need the Liberals to form a parliamentary majority. And the Liberals are staking everything on economic recovery in the years to come.

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