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Scotland Independence Looms after SNP Win

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TEHRAN, May 7 (ICANA) – Scots have awoken to a changed political landscape. After the Scottish National party's first ever term in office, albeit as a minority administration, voters have delivered the SNP a landslide victory.
Saturday, May 07, 2011 11:41:17 AM
Scotland Independence Looms after SNP Win

The SNP vote exceeded all expectations, for the first time giving the party a MAJORITY in the 129 seat Scottish parliament.

This is the breakthrough the nationalists have been fighting for, for decades.

There will be much soul-searching in the coming weeks and months among the Labour party ranks. Even in its traditional heartlands, it wasn't spared defeat, as voters felt the SNP was a stronger choice to take on the austerity measures of the Conservative led government in Wesminster.

“Here in the city of Glasgow, previously considered a Labour stronghold, the nationalists have inflicted heavy losses on the Labour party, with a string of victories that have overturned majorities in constituencies that were previously considered impenetrable.”

Seat after seat saw shocking upsets, with veteran labour politicians losing their constituencies to the nationalists. But Labour remained defiant in defeat, and blamed a polarisation of voters for the SNP victories.

The Liberal Democrat's support base collapsed as Scots punished them for allying themselves with the conservatives and implementing deep public spending cuts.

The green party saw an increase in support, making them a potential ally for the nationalists in parliament.

But this was clearly the SNP's night, who reaffirmed their pledges on a local, national and international level.

With this level of support, the nationalists will now have the confidence to push for a referendum on independence from the UK. Convincing Scots that they can go it alone without Britain, will be the next big fight on the SNP's hands.

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