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Britain to Tighten Sanction on Libya

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TEHRAN, May 8 (ICANA) – British Prime Minister David Cameron has called for tighter sanctions on Libyan products after it emerged that the embattled Libyan regime has illegally imported gasoline from Italy.
Sunday, May 08, 2011 12:19:45 PM
Britain to Tighten Sanction on Libya

“We actually think there are opportunities for tightening sanctions over things like oil and oil products to make sure this regime comes to its senses and realizes it cannot go on terrorizing its own people,” Cameron said.

“So we are going to be looking in the coming days to stepping up the action we are taking as well as encouraging others to enforce what has already been put in place,” he added.

The prime minister also emphasized that it is unacceptable for countries to help the Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi to get around sanctions.

His statement comes as the Libyan regime found a loophole in UN sanctions and imported gas from Saras, one of Italy's biggest refineries, in last month.

However, under the current UN sanctions on Libya, the shipment was considered legal because General National Maritime Transport Co. (GNMTC) that dealt with the shipping is not on the UN blacklist.

European Union together with the US and UN imposed sanctions on the Libyan regime and chose companies in February and March.

Meanwhile, the revolutionary forces in Libya, said they would not continue to export oil.

"The top priority is to protect the installations, not to produce," said Ali Tarhoni, one of the revolutionaries in charge of the economy and oil portfolios in Interim National Council (INC).

"I'm waiting for an assessment on all of the oil installations,” he added.

“At every single moment another need arises in terms of food, medicine, and in terms of people who are injured,” Tarhoni said as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said that the fighting between Gaddafi forces and the revolutionaries did not reach a stalemate.

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