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Wales Gearing Up for Coalition Government

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TEHRAN, May 8 (ICANA) – After a hard fought battle for for the support of the country, the Welsh Labour party came out on top, but not entirely victorious.
Sunday, May 08, 2011 1:01:58 PM
Wales Gearing Up for Coalition Government

They won thirty of the sixty available seats in Parliament, giving them more than any other party, but not the majority that they need to take full control of the Government. As a result, they face the choice of governing along, or joining forces with another party.

No one from the Labour party was available for comment, but the leader of the party in Wales, Carwyn Jones, told local media that he was taking a few days out as breathing space, before coming back to consider the party's position.

Of all the parties in Wales, a coalition is most likely to be made with the Welsh national party Plaid Cymru, or the Liberal Democrats.

According to one expert, a labour victory is significant to the country.

Despite being the main parliamentary elections, only around forty percent of the population turned out to vote. On the streets of Cardiff, the Welsh capital city, it's easy to see why.

Election winners are now being sworn in as members of the Assembly, with the Labour party announcing that they'll govern alone for the time being, but have started conversations with opposition leaders to establish a joint government.

So for now, Wales is in deadlock. The Labour party have won the election, but they'll need some support in Parliament to get the majority they need to govern effectively for the next five years. A coalition is definitely on the cards, for now it's just a question of who it's with.

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