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Singapore's Ruling Party Wins Elections

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TEHRAN, May 8 (ICANA) – The small island state of Singapore held its 16th General elections on Saturday, and the ruling People's Action Party won yet again with a comfortable majority.
Sunday, May 08, 2011 1:04:27 PM
Singapore's Ruling Party Wins Elections

83% of voters turned up to cast their ballot at various polling centers throughout the country.

This year's election saw the ruling party face an unprecedented challenge, as it faced competition in 82 out of 87 total seats.

Since gaining independence in 1965, the Singapore government has effectively been ruled by just one party, the People's Action Party, which has largely derived its legitimacy from its sound economic and national policies, such as comfortable public housing for about 80% of its citizens, efficient public transport infrastructure, phenomenal economic growth over the past 5 decades.

The electoral landscape this year had been described by voters as the most interesting in the history of Singapore, as there had never been this much participation by opposition candidates.

As the polls went underway, opposition parties felt optimistic of their chances at the polls, because of the incumbent government's admission that it made some mistakes regarding migration policy over the last few years.

However as night fell, and with the gradual announcement of election results, it became clear, yet again, that the People's Action Party would win. taking 81 out of 87 seats.

Meanwhile the opposition Worker's Party made electoral history by taking 6 out of 87 seats. No opposition party in Singapore had ever taken more than 4 seats in the history of parliamentary elections, but more importantly, they knocked out Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo from his seat.

Despite the comfortable overall victory, the ruling People's Action Party still saw its overall popularity dip from 66% to 60%, from the last election. PM Lee Hsien Loong acknowledged this as an important sign from voters, and vowed to work harder in its next 5 year term.

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