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Scotland Mulls Referendum on Independence

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TEHRAN, May 10 (ICANA) – Edinburgh Castle, overlooking the Scottish capital, has witnessed some fierce battles between the armies of Scotland and England in its time. Today, it flies the flag of a United Kingdom.
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 9:36:30 AM
Scotland Mulls Referendum on Independence

But, if the Scottish national Party has its way, that flag could be replaced by the blue and white Scottish saltire.

"So the nationalists have won a landslide in Scotland, and secured a majority here at the Scottish parliament. That means they now have enough support to table a referendum on Independence, which they say they'll put forward in the second of this new four year term in office. But will Scots vote for independence?"

Polls over the years have shown time and time again that there isn't majority support for independence.

But just over a month ago, before their historic election win, the polls also showed that the SNP were lagging behind.

And some academics believe now is the best possible time for a bid for independence.

And despite a relatively cool reception from the Scottish media at times, the SNP also have the advantage of being seen as more trustworthy than their opponents.

Both Labour and the Conservatives have made it clear they will campaign hard to prevent the breakup of the UK. But Westminster wont stop the referendum from taking place.

In the meantime, the SNP are getting on with the job of governing Scotland. Their performance over the next few years will be key to securing the trust and support of the Scottish public in the bid for a sovereign nation.

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