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Miliband Urges Lib Dems to Join Labour

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TEHRAN, May 10 (ICANA) – The Labour leader has urged the Liberal Democrat ministers to quit the government if they are against the coalition directions and to join Labour in a clash against the Tory policies.
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 7:46:42 PM
Miliband Urges Lib Dems to Join Labour

Ed Miliband said, "Liberal Democrat ministers must hear that they had a real message from the electorate from their former voters. The message was 'we didn't vote for many of the things you're doing. You are being led by the nose by a Conservative Government. Change course on tuition fees, on economic policy.'"

After the Lib Dems' catastrophic results in the Thursday's council elections and AV referendum, the Labour leader announced that it was late but not too late for Lib Dem ministers to resign from the government and to defect to Labour.

He went on to say that "my door is always open,” and that he is ready to "work with any Liberal Democrats" against the Conservatives and their policies on the NHS, education and the economy.

"What I'm saying to them is, you should change course, you should have the courage of the convictions you went before the electorate with a year ago. And frankly, if I was in your position, and I didn't get that change in direction, then I wouldn't stay in this Government,” he said.

"Do they want Tory policies or progressive ones? If they are in favour of new politics they should start by keeping their promises and reflecting the will of those who put them into parliament. If they are not in favour of these Tory policies they should stand up for what they believe or leave the cabinet. They can come and work with us. My door is always open," he added.

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