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City Poll Backs Scottish Independence

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TEHRAN, May 10 (ICANA) – Scottish independence has been considered as a good option for the British economy, a survey by PoliticsHome and City AM revealed.
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 7:58:51 PM
City Poll Backs Scottish Independence

Nearly 51% of the Voice of the City panel responded that the independence of Scotland would be either “very good” or “somewhat good” for the Britain's economy. Meanwhile only 19 % said that they did not think the country's independence would bring difference to the economy.

The news comes after the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) won the majority of seats in the Scottish parliamentary election. The nationalists, wishing to hold a vote on independence, won 69 seats of the parliament. while the Liberal Democrats suffered a huge blow in Britain, losing over 600 local seats and being defeated in the AV referendum.

Meanwhile Downing Street has announced that more financial powers would be given to Scotland only if it's “in the best interest of the United Kingdom.”

The respondents commented on the city poll, declared that Scotland was 'subsidized' by the South East, and is "a costly burden on the rest of the UK in terms of tax contributions. It will be interesting to see their proposals on how they would divide up the North Sea oil and gas territories between England and Scotland."

"Let Scotland have their independence, they are always bleating about it. We will then be able to dismantle the Barnett formula, which has been so unfair to the English taxpayers over the years," other respondent said.

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