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NATO to Privatize Libyan Resources

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TEHRAN, May 14 (ICANA) – NATO will stay in Libya after Colonel Gaddafi is toppled to take advantage of the natural resources and to put an end to the independent banking system, says an analyst.
Saturday, May 14, 2011 1:51:44 PM
NATO to Privatize Libyan Resources

In an interview with Press TV, Eugene Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars Magazine, said that Western powers are aligning to privatize Libya's natural resources by funding the rebels in their effort to topple Gaddafi.

Q: Thank you very much for joining us here on Press TV. I'd like to ask you about this statement of Anders Fogh Rasmussen saying that the Western military alliance, i.e. NATO, will stay in Libya even if Gaddafi is toppled. Why would they stay in Libya if the Libyan people get what they want?

Jones: To appropriate the natural resources of the Libyan people. One of the main reasons for this attack is to put an end to the independent banking system that Colonel Gaddafi has established; and I think that's the reason that they'll engage in privatization of Libya's resources. That's why they'll stay there.

Q: That is the reason, as you say, that they want to stay there; on the other hand, we do have these revolutionary forces who seem very motivated [to get] what they want. Do you think the Libyan people will stand for this?

Jones: I think the majority of the Libyan people want the status quo.

I think that what the rebels here are being paid for - by NATO and the CIA as part of an appropriation of the natural resources - is to have military control.

Maybe they will be able to force their will on the Libyan people. It's hard to tell. But I don't think this is what the Libyan people want.

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