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Zionists Alter Law to Protect Themselves

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TEHRAN, May 16 (ICANA) – The Israeli lobby's influence over US, UK and EU politics persuades changes to the law in such countries to protect Israel against prosecution for war crimes.
Monday, May 16, 2011 2:06:40 PM
Zionists Alter Law to Protect Themselves

Press TV talks with James Thring, peace activist from the UK in its Tehran studio about the ongoing NAKBA of Palestine 63 years after the Palestinian exodus of 1948. Following is a transcript of that interview.

Q: A situation happened Sunday in the Golan Heights and in the southern Lebanon area with the Israelis firing upon Palestinian protesters on the other side of the border. Are you surprised as some twelve people have been killed and many others injured?

James Thring Well I am surprised, but one shouldn't be because it's been going on for 63 years. I think it is also surprising that NATO can be driven to bomb, to stop Colonel Gaddafi from flying over his people because he's allegedly killing them, but there's no question of NATO overflying Israel and stopping the Israelis killing Palestinians.

Q: What is the difference -- what do you think?

James Thring It's because the Israeli lobby is so powerful particularly in America, but also in Great Britain and in other parts of Europe. In fact I would say they have a fairly good grip in nearly all the Western countries. They can whisper in the ear of the governing party and say you'd better go and deal with Colonel Gaddafi.

And when they turn around and say wouldn't you like to deal with the Palestinian issue first because after all we helped you to get into Palestine. They say oh no that's justified because the Palestinians are terrorists, or the Palestinians are a threat to our existence. Never mind the fact that they're not legally in the West Bank in the first place let alone Gaza where they're killing people every day so it's not a surprise from that point of view.

Q: In the West there is such empathy for the Israelis and there seems to be such a negative perspective about what the Palestinians are trying to do in their efforts to get their land back. What exactly has happened that we've gotten to this point?

James Thring I think the short answer is that with exceptions of independent-minded media like yourselves and Russian television and one or two other international television stations, the Israeli lobby -- I like to call them that for convenience -- has managed to dominate either by fear or finance most of the other television stations around the world; it doesn't include China, but maybe that won't be long.

The essence of that statement is that anybody who accuses the Israelis of a war crime or crimes against humanity or even tries to show that what they've done in an extreme case like the bombarding of Gaza in the Christmas of 89, that brings threats of withdrawal of finance; people lose their jobs over it, and they're reported to the Press Complaints Commission as Press TV knows to its cost.

So there's an extreme form of protection of whatever the Israelis do. It's backed up of course by governments who readily accept that if there's a complaint it must go through; in the case of the UK it would be reviewed at the parliamentary committee that deals with the media.

There's even an anti-Semitic committee now that deals with anti-Semitism. Even though ironically most of the Palestinians are Semitic and three quarters of the Jewish people are not because they've come from Khazaria and via Russia and Europe. So it's a misnomer. But it's used anyway and it's a very frightening label...

Q: What is the answer? What at this point in time must be done in order to actually get the word out?

James Thring Well, I have faith in legal action. And we've just seen how Dominic Strauss Khan has been arrested on his way out of America for (allegedly) raping a lady. Now, if we can arrest him and the Israelis can arrest Mr. Katsav (ex-president) of Israel for a similar offense and there have been other people -- even Netanyahu has been investigated for crimes of financial fraud -- If that can happen on a small scale surely the war crimes that happen every day; the crimes against humanity -- I would call it genocide actually because they are really secretly trying to wipe the Palestinians off the land.

That's the hidden agenda that Herzl had in his mind when he set out the Judent stat. And I think it's been reinforced by a number of Israeli presidents since and particularly (former prime minister) Baegin.

That constitutes a very cogent crime -- a series of crimes that could be taken to the international court. You can't go there until you've exhausted all national courts unless you get permission from the UN Security Council, which is unlikely with American Jewish domination.

But anybody round the world can go to their own court and ask for a writ for any Israeli general or known war criminal in the army or the government and it has happened in fact. Another brave Jewish solicitor Daniel Makover has nearly succeeded in the case of (Doran) Almog and Tzippy Livni and now they're changing the law so it can't be done by people like him anymore.

Which again reveals the power of these people in the government -- they can get the law changed so their crimes can be protected from the law.

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