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US Neo-Cons Seek War on Syria, Iran

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TEHRAN, May 19 (ICANA) – Russia has expelled Israel's military attaché in Moscow over alleged espionage charges, saying the individual has passed sensitive information to Tel Aviv.
Thursday, May 19, 2011 10:53:02 PM
US Neo-Cons Seek War on Syria, Iran

Military sources identified the 'informant' as air force Colonel Vadim Leiderman.

Press TV interviewed American political commentator, James Morris, to learn more on the issue:

Q: This is not the first time an Israeli diplomat has been accused of spying by Moscow, what can Israel be getting out of this?

Morris: I have just seen this in the news as well and I think you have to look at this historically, going back to Israel's involvement with Georgia and the war that Georgia initiated against the South Ossetia then. You had Israeli influence there with the former defense minister of Georgia being an Israeli and one of the ministers in Georgia, who was Jewish as well, boasting that the Israelis have trained the Georgian military to wipe out an entire Russian military unit.

So I think you have Israeli espionage going back involving that situation but also with regard to what Russia had signed a deal with Syria wanting to put bases back in the ports, the Russian ports. It was an Israeli newspaper article that had come out; it was the Syrian ports of Tartus and Latkia. So I think the Israelis are concerned about Russia's support for Syria, Syria of course supports the [Lebanese] resistance [movement] Hezbollah and it is no surprise that there is espionage going on against Russia. We see the Israelis conducting espionage against the US as well and that barely gets reported in out media. So Russia was rightful to expel Colonel Vadim Leiderman and I wouldn't trust the Israelis if I were Russians, especially when they helped initiate the war that Georgia did against the South Ossetia.

Q: The incident occurred during visit to Moscow by the Israeli parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee. Does this signify anything or was it mere coincidence?

Morris: Like I said, I think neo-cons in the US have designs on Syria and Iran, I mean you see what is happening in Syria with the protests. I am not saying that I believe in dictatorship or anything like that but I think the neo-cons at the National Endowment for Democracy have been involved with this, perhaps in terms of rabble rousing in Syria. What they want to is they want to create strife there and get President Barack Obama to intervene involved in Syria like he did in Libya, they were involved with that too, through the advocates in the government like John McCain and other senators.

So what is happening, I think, is the neo-con Zionist plans for the region is being put into effect here and Israel knows that Russia supports Syria and they are trying to get any intelligence they can by doing this kind of espionage. the only thing I can say is to be ready for more war because I think, if you go America-hijacked, my blog you can see additional articles about this, this is all part of the Israel lobby AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] pushing for confrontation with Iran, President Obama is speaking before the AIPAC in the coming days, his National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, who replaced James Jones who was against war with Iran, was actually talking to the Washington Institute for Near East Affairs...to take stronger action against Iran. He was just doing that recently.

So it is all part of a plan to get an eventual war for Israel against Iran and Syria and the region really has to be on guard about this and that is why I think this espionage is tied into this. Russia has been in support of Syria and it will veto any move to go into Syria like America did with NATO in Libya and we just have to watch for that.

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