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U.S. Should Be Held Accountable for Supporting Dictators: MP

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TEHRAN, May 21 (ICANA) – MP Kazem Jalali of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee has said that the United States should be held accountable for supporting regional dictators for decades and trying to help them return to power.
Saturday, May 21, 2011 8:22:22 PM
U.S. Should Be Held Accountable for Supporting Dictators: MP

The senior lawmaker made the remarks in Tehran on Saturday in reference to U.S. President Barack Obama’s foreign policy speech on Thursday.

 “The Islamic movements in the region are the nations’ natural reaction to the U.S. oppressive approach toward them over the past decades and show the intensity of their hatred toward the U.S. policies,” he explained.

The MP also criticized Obama for making remarks against the Palestinian nation’s resistance against Israel and for blindly supporting the Zionist regime.

During his speech, Obama said, “For the Palestinians, efforts to delegitimize Israel will end in failure. Symbolic actions to isolate Israel at the United Nations in September won’t create an independent state. Palestinian leaders will not achieve peace or prosperity if Hamas insists on a path of terror and rejection. And Palestinians will never realize their independence by denying the right of Israel to exist.”

On Obama’s claim that the protests that followed the 2009 presidential election in Iran triggered the popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, Jalali said, “Obama has made a great mistake in analyzing the source of the Islamic movements in the region.”

 “The Islamic awakening was inspired by the Islamic Revolution in 1979, and the lawbreakers’ riots and seditious efforts (after the presidential election) had nothing to do with the revolutions in the region,” he said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Jalali pointed to Obama’s remarks about the Bahrain crisis, saying he gave the green light to the Saudi and Bahraini regimes to continue their atrocities in Bahrain by advising the Bahraini groups to sit at the negotiating table.

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