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UK PM Wasting Money in Overseas Blamed

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TEHRAN, May 21 (ICANA) - British Defense Secretary Liam Fox has blamed Prime Minister David Cameron for spending billions of pounds on international aid every year.
Saturday, May 21, 2011 9:16:45 PM
UK PM Wasting Money in Overseas Blamed

Fox attacked PM's proposal of cancelling 0.7 percent of the country's gross national income into overseas development funds, by 2013.

He also warned Cameron about the “legal challenges” that he might go through if his promises would not be fulfilled. Fox added that the move would damage the Ministry of Defense.

“I have considered the issue carefully and discussed it with Andrew Mitchell (International Development Secretary) and William Hague (Foreign Secretary), but I cannot support the proposal in its current form. In 2009 the proportion of national income spent on ODA (official development assistance) was only 0.52 per cent,” Dr Fox wrote in a letter to Cameron.

“Putting the commitment on the statute books could limit the Government's ability to change its mind about the pace at which it reaches the target in order to direct more resources toward other activities or programmes rather than aid.”

A number of conservative MPs, who are against the increase in the international aid budget, backed the confrontation between Fox and Cameron, saying the country's domestic priorities have been neglected by Cameron.

“A new Conservative government will be fully committed to achieving, by 2013, the UN target of spending 0.7 per cent of national income as aid. We will stick to the rules laid down by the OECD about what spending counts as aid. We will legislate in the first session of a new Parliament to lock in this level of spending for every year from 2013,” the Conservative party manifesto of 2010, in which Cameron's proposal for international aid was included, read.

The jump from 0.52 percent in 2009 to 0.7 percent by 2013 shows a £3.9bn equal to 34 percent increase at the same time that the government is facing budget cuts in different departments.

“I believe that creating a statutory requirement to spend 0.7 per cent ODA carries more risk in terms of potential future legal challenges than putting into statute recognition of the target and a commitment to an annual report against it. The latter would be my preferred way to proceed,” Fox said.

Downing Street, however, has refused to comment on the letter written by Fox.

“The aid allocation in the spending review shows our commitment to implementing our pledge to spend 0.7 per cent of GNI (gross national income) on official development assistance from 2013. We are fully committed to enacting the 0.7 per cent commitment into law, in line with the Coalition agreement,” a spokesperson said.

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