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UK PM Implies Support for Bahrain Tyrant

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TEHRAN, May 21 (ICANA) - The British Prime Minister's official spokesman says David Cameron is welcoming the crown prince of Bahrain in Downing Street while hitting Libyan regime positions with missiles because “the situation in different countries is different”.
Saturday, May 21, 2011 9:29:06 PM
UK PM Implies Support for Bahrain Tyrant

Cameron raised eyebrows by accepting Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa at No 10 for talks but later his spokesman said he has urged the Bahraini side to embrace “reform rather than repression” in the face of pro democracy protests in the Persian Gulf state.

With British fighter jets pounding Libyan targets to allegedly prevent Muammar Gaddafi regime's crackdown on protestors, Cameron only called on the Bahraini regime and the pro-democracy protestors there to address their grievances through constructive dialogue.

Despite talks of reform instead of repression, Cameron implied that Bahraini demonstrators disrupted reforms underway in their country and should now pay the price or let the regime continue its undemocratic rule.

According to his spokesman, Cameron said his government would back efforts to return rather Bahrain to a process of reform rather initiate the Persian Gulf state into such a process effectively dismissing demonstrations as irrelevant disruptions.

Cameron has faced fierce criticism over Sheikh Salman's visit as his regime is leading a bloody crackdown on peaceful demonstrators who are calling for an end to hereditary monarchy in Bahrain, democratic parliamentary elections and a new constitution.

Yet the Prime Minister may be justified in his sympathy for the regime as Britain brought al-Khalifa to power in 1820 and supported it to become the suppressive government it currently is.

Meanwhile Britain has almost the same system of government as Bahrain with the difference that the Bahraini system is not “limited monarchy” thus its ruler has de facto power to do just what he wants.

That means Bahrainis are stuck in a most undemocratic situation in which they have no power to elect politicians and Britain is supporting the al-Khalifa regime to protect its rule even if it is only possible by killing innocent people.

The Bahraini regime forces have so far killed at least 29 demonstrators, persecuting hundreds of others including doctors charged with crimes against monarchy for treating injured protestors.

Bahrain has been widely condemned for calling in troops from Saudi Arabia to help crush protests against al-Khalifa regime.

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