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MP Underlines Iran's Intelligence Superiority over Enemies

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, May 22 (ICANA) – Tehran's intelligence supremacy over the enemies has foiled the terrorist plots hatched against the country, a prominent Iranian legislator said after the Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced yesterday that it had disbanded a CIA network and arrested 30 spies in a series of operations.
Sunday, May 22, 2011 7:51:49 PM
MP Underlines Iran's Intelligence Superiority over Enemies

"As regards intelligence and security, Iran has now turned into a major power in the world," member of the Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad Karami-Rad said Sunday.

"The supremacy of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry has foiled saboteurs from staging terrorist attacks against the country," he added.

The MP noted the Intelligence Ministry's yesterday revelation, and said the powerful clampdown on the spy network "proved the Islamic Republic of Iran's might and power once again".

He also mentioned that "several spy cells of this network were stationed in the Persian Gulf littoral states", and added that further details would soon be released to the public by the Intelligence Ministry officials.

Another member of the same parliament commission, Gholamreza Karami, also told FNA today that "the clampdown on the US spy network has made the Americans come to the conclusion that they cannot hurt the Islamic Republic through such measures".

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is moving on the path of development and progress and acts of espionage and sabotage cannot block this national movement," he added.

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced on Saturday that it had identified and disbanded a large US spy network with tens of branches, centers and nodes in different world countries, adding that it has arrested 30 spies during the operation.

The ministry said it could disband a "complex sabotage and espionage network affiliated to the US spy agency (CIA) following a series of extensive intelligence and counter-espionage measures and operations inside and outside Iran".

The statement further pointed out that senior CIA agents had created a number of nodes for this network in different world countries, and said these centers "which worked in disguise deceived Iranian citizens under different pretexts like job associations and educational centers to collect information and intelligence on Iran".

"The network used a wide range of data bases and US embassies and consulates in several countries, specially in the UAE, Malaysia and Turkey, to collect information on Iran's scientific, research and academic centers in areas of nuclear energy, air and defense industries and biotechnology," the Iranian Intelligence Ministry said.

The statement further pointed out that the US spy network also collected information on Iran's oil and gas pipelines, power and telecommunication grids, airports, customs departments, network security and banks for future sabotage operations.

"The skillful and faithful forces of the Intelligence Ministry have arrested a number of 30 American spies in their strong confrontation with the CIA agents," the statement said

The Intelligence Ministry also stated that it has succeeded in feeding misinformation to the CIA through a number of double-agents.

"Hence, not only was the CIA's heavy aggressive operation defused, but a number of 42 CIA field officers and operatives in different countries were also identified by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry," it added.

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