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Lebanese Party Warns against West's Military Intervention in Syria

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TEHRAN, May 23 (ICANA) - Head of Lebanon's Towhid Party Wa'am Wahhab warned the western countries against a military intervention in Syria, and vowed that in case the West wages an attack on the Arab state, thousands of rockets and missiles will rain down on Israel.
Monday, May 23, 2011 8:48:02 PM
Lebanese Party Warns against West's Military Intervention in Syria

"Intervention in Syria similar to what happened in Libya is impossible," Wahhab underlined on Monday, but meantime warned, "Yet, if such an intervention takes place, it would be synonymous with the raining down of tens of thousands of missiles on Israeli settlements."

He also cautioned that military action against Syria would also set fire to the region, from Iraq to Palestine.

Meantime, reports from inside Syria had disclosed that the western countries and media outlets are doing their best to spark tension in the Arab country in an attempt to topple Bashar al-Assad's government and push pro-western figures to power.

In one of such reports, 25-year-old Zakaraiya Mitleq from Syria's Homs province revealed how he was recruited as an eye witness to appear on some biased satellite channels to falsify facts and fabricate stories and news with the aim of distorting the truth in Syria and harming the image of the Syrian security forces.

"In 2006, I became friends with a guy from Daraa called Mohammad al-Zu'bi at university who traveled to Saudi Arabia while I went back to Homs to work in aluminum carpentry," Mitleq said in his confessions broadcast on the Syrian Television, noting that he once asked al-Zu'bi to help him find job in Saudi Arabia, but later contacts stopped between them.

"When events started in Syria, al-Zu'bi called me and asked me to provide him with information about what is going on and promised me a visa so that he can go to Saudi Arabia," Mitleq added.

He continued that al-Zu'bi asked him once to talk to the BBC satellite channel and say that the security forces were shooting at the demonstrators in Homs and that in case he was asked to comment about the reforms, he should say they came late and to call for overthrowing the regime.

"On Friday, April 22nd, al-Zu'bi told me that the BBC was going to talk to me and they actually did around 5:30 am made sure that I knew what I was supposed to say. I was on air in a minute and told the presenter that there were demonstrations in Homs and the security forces were firing at them killing about 20 of them in Baba Amrou area. I told her so although the area is 70 km away from my house and I didn't get out of my house that day," said Mitleq.

"I was however surprised with a question I had no idea how to answer as al-Zu'bi hadn't raised the issue to me before, as the presenter asked me on how we would be able to reach our demands and aims since we the demonstrators were not organized under any political parties. The only thing came to my mind then was that we would continue demonstrating until we got our freedom," added Mitleq.

"After the phone call with the BBC ended, al-Zu'bi called to applaud me and promised to get me a Thuraya satellite phone so that I can talk to the BBC as an eye witness," Mitleq pointed out.

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