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Gaddafi Is a Goner

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TEHRAN, May 29 (ICANA) – The nature of the popular uprising in Libya is quite different from the situation in other countries of the Middle East and North Africa where people power mass movements have challenged entrenched authoritarian governments.
Sunday, May 29, 2011 10:43:44 AM
Gaddafi Is a Goner

Muammar Gaddafi’s police state created a climate of fear for over 40 years in which political dissent was not tolerated at all.

Gaddafi and the members of his government thought they were sitting pretty with a total clampdown of dissent in place, and thus they were quite shocked when a wave of unrest quickly unfolded over the course of a couple of weeks.

The massive changes in Tunisia and Egypt inspired the Libyan masses and put more and more pressure on the Libyan government, and the cruel colonel decided to use violence right from the beginning.

The United Nations Security Council then approved a no-fly zone over Libya to protect the lives of civilians, and since it appeared that there was no hope for an internal settlement of the dispute, the United States and other members of NATO decided to join the fray.

At the beginning, many people held out the hope that the military intervention would benefit the people and their revolt against the dictator. This reinforced the idea that NATO was seeking to overthrow Gaddafi. But in the end, there was no rapid victory and numerous civilians were killed, apparently due to the disagreement between the U.S. and other members of the alliance over how to deal with the situation.

But of course, the U.S. and other Western powers were actually satisfied with the direction of developments in Libya. In fact, Gaddafi’s resistance allowed other despotic regimes in the Middle East and North Africa to reinforce their positions, and the fact that the war against Gaddafi was dragging on provided the Western powers an opportunity to manage the wave of political unrest sweeping across the region.

And the Westerners are attempting to redirect this wave so that it serves their own interests.

If Gaddafi had been deposed in the first days of the uprising, it would have been impossible for Washington and its allies to control the situation in other Arab countries. Therefore, NATO will continue its cat and mouse game until it is able to gain full control of the situation.

Gaddafi will certainly be ousted. There is no chance for him and his family to stay in power in the future. But the exact date of his departure will be determined by the U.S. and NATO, which will intensify their military action against the Libyan regime and deliver the knockout punch to Gaddafi at precisely the time they deem to be the most useful for realizing their objectives. (MNA)

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