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UK Trains Saudis Deployed to Bahrain

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TEHRAN, May 29 (ICANA) – Britain's Secretary of State for Defence acknowledges that some Saudi Arabian troops dispatched to Bahrain to annihilate the popular uprising there may have received training in the UK.
Sunday, May 29, 2011 9:23:12 PM
UK Trains Saudis Deployed to Bahrain

Nick Harvey was answering a parliamentary question, to which he replied, “The British Military Mission to the Saudi Arabian National Guard may have trained some of the Saudi Arabian forces which were deployed in Bahrain.”

“The Ministry of Defence's engagement with Saudi Arabia includes training provided to the Saudi Arabian National Guard, delivered through the British mission,” said Harvey.

“It is possible that some members of the Saudi Arabian National Guard which were deployed in Bahrain may have undertaken some training provided by the British military mission,” he added.

Some British parliamentarians have recently expressed their concern over the role the Saudi Arabian troops are playing in annihilating anti-government protests in Bahrain.

They have even voiced their concern over the possibility that some of the Bahraini detainees were transferred to Saudi Arabia for interrogation.

But, British officials say they have not received any reports about the issue.

Bahraini people and the world have extensively and strongly condemned the deployment of Saudi Arabian troops in Bahrain.

But, western governments are attempting to cover-up the occupation of Bahrain by Saudi military and the annihilation of dissent in the country through their silence.

Meanwhile, a group of MPs at the House of Commons has signed a parliamentary motion, in which they have called on the government to impose arms sanctions against Saudi Arabia and Bahraini regimes.

The motion, brought up by Labour MP Katy Clark, urges the government to exert more pressure on Bahraini and Saudi regimes to end their brutal measures against the Bahraini people.

The MPs have strongly condemned Bahraini regime's measures, in particular, which are aimed at brutalizing people who have revolted to establish democracy in their country.

“We are profoundly concerned about the death of 30 Bahraini protesters, including 3 children, in recent months,” the MPs wrote in their letter.

This is while Secretary of State for Defence Nick Harvey has responded to the MPs' concern by saying “the British Military Mission to the Saudi Arabian National Guard continues to operate as an essential part of our bilateral relationship.”

Bahrain formally declared its independence from the UK on August 15, 1971, yet the UK government installed the Al-Khalifa dynasty and introduced a kingdom in the country to be able to exercise a direct influence on its former colony's internal affairs.

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