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Iran Steadfast against West Pressure

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, June 9 (ICANA) – Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says the Islamic Republic will remain steadfast on its principled positions despite mounting pressure from Western powers.
Thursday, June 09, 2011 9:08:21 PM
Iran Steadfast against West Pressure

“The Iranian nation will not compromise on its positions in countering Western obstructionist policies,” Larijani told a gathering of Indonesian students in Jakarta's Syarif Hidayatullah University on Thursday.

“Acts of sedition from some enemies against Iran is nothing new. Americans have always engaged in misguided behavior against Iran, but the Iranian nation is steadfast and thus does not compromise on its path,” he added.

The Iranian official described Western policies as “a modern dictatorship on the international stage,” insisting that Tehran would continue to resist such policies.

He urged Muslim nations to develop their defense prowess and called on them to form a united front against any pressure from global powers.

Larijani also stressed that Iran's achievements in developing new missile systems are intended for defensive purposes to protect Iran and other Muslim nations.

“We are not after invasion, we see all Muslims as our brothers. But Israel and the United States should know that if they decide to take a violent action against Muslims, Iran will stand by its Muslim brothers,” he stated.

Recalling Iran's support for the popular revolutions against dictators in the Arab world, Larijani warned Muslim nations about new schemes by enemies to thwart their freedom-seeking uprisings and to smother the wave of Islamic awakening sweeping North Africa and the Middle East.

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