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Britain Seeking UN Action against Syria

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TEHRAN, June 9 (ICANA) – Britain has launched a fresh attempt at the UN Security Council to gather support for a resolution against Syria in yet another example of its double standard approach.
Thursday, June 09, 2011 8:58:14 PM
Britain Seeking UN Action against Syria

Foreign Secretary, William Hague, told parliament that diplomats were circulating a draft resolution to secure support at the Security Council to condemn the Syrian government for cracking down on the country's protesters.

Hague spoke of the need for the Security Council “to speak out responsibly” against Syria, and warned of new European Union sanctions against the country.

Nearly four month ago, Britain and France jointly pushed the Council to issue a resolution against Libya, which paved the way for a Western military offensive against the country that has left dozens of civilians dead and hundreds more injured so far.

Actually, the UN Security Council has become a tool in the hands of certain world powers to impose their will on the countries, whose dictatorial rules have been receiving their full support, and now the status quo needs to change in favor of those powers again.

Quite recently, Prime Minister David Cameron was giving host to Bahraini king Sheikh Hamad al-Khalifa who has unleashed a brutal crackdown on its own nation with the help of its close ally Saudi Arabian regime.

Again, recently, British media revealed that the UK's military had been training several Bahraini officers, among them the son of the country's crown prince, on how to silence anti-government demands of the oppressed nation.

Bahraini regime has, so far, killed 31 peaceful protesters, injured hundreds more and put thousands of activists behind bars with the help of Saudi national guards, in a desperate attempt to maintain its long-time grip on the tiny Persian Gulf island state.

On Tuesday, Hague told parliament “[Syrian] President Assad is losing legitimacy and should reform or step aside."

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