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Thiland Anti-Election Group Urges Voters to Vote "No"

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TEHRAN, June 9 (ICANA) – Thailand is counting down to its election, which is less than a month away. And political campaigning has been frantic, with no clear leader emerging from many opinion polls across the country.
Thursday, June 09, 2011 9:12:44 PM
Thiland Anti-Election Group Urges Voters to Vote "No"

However, despite the election fever that is gripping the Kingdom, there are sections of society which are against the elections.

The People's Alliance for Democracy, or the PAD, is aggressively pursuing its public campaign of "Vote No". According to them, Thailand is not ready for democratic elections, as politicians from all parties are corrupt, and therefore not fit to run the country. What they want is in fact, a government that is appointed rather than elected.

While this may strike some as a very undemocratic proposal, the PAD firmly believes that it is the only way to ensure that corrupt politicians do not enter parliament.

The PAD, in their effort to discredit the election candidates, has in fact put up posters which depict politicians as animals dressed in suits.

This has stoked strong reactions from various political parties as well as the election commission, who have ordered the posters to be taken down. The PAD, however, is refusing to comply, saying that it is important for the public to realize that with the current crop of politicians available, an elected government will not be good for the country.

Despite their efforts to encourage the public to "Vote No", some Thai voters are still keen on exercising their right to choose the next government through the ballot box.

Whoever wins the next election in Thailand, will most certainly be faced with opposition from those who think that Thailand should not have had elections in the first place. And they must take into account the fact that the last time a government was toppled, it was due to the persistent street protests of the PAD, the very same group that are calling for people to Vote No.

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