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Al Khalifa Cannot Escape with Genocide

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TEHRAN, June 9 (ICANA) – The International Coalition against Impunity says it plans to file a new complaint at The Hague against the Bahraini regime for human rights violations.
Thursday, June 09, 2011 10:59:44 PM
Al Khalifa Cannot Escape with Genocide

Ten European lawyers are also to officially submit the complaint before the international criminal court on June 17th

The group said that it has a large number of images and videos that prove crimes have been taking place in Bahrain.

To shed more light on the issue, Press TV interviewed Rodney Shakespeare, Chairman of the Committee against Torture in Bahrain from London.

Q: What kind of response are you expecting from The Hague?

Shakespeare: The Hague is receiving the written statements, the visual clips and all the other evidence. And the long and shorter it is, that although at first sight there appears to be a difficulty in arraigning Bahrain before the International [Criminal] Court, it is only a question of time now, given the gravity of the crimes being committed against humanity, I am alleging genocide.

It is quite clear; the deliberate destruction of a people's culture and religion, and the evidence, [that is] there more than anything else, is the destructions of the mosques and the other religious buildings, because that shows the motivation behind the torturing and the killing.

I do point this out that the destruction of the mosques is the evidence needed for the genocide. There is another aspect of the genocide which is the terrorization of the populace. These charges are being made against, at the moment, Ratko Mladic [ex-Bosnian Serb military chief], and the essential point is that genocide encompasses several aspects, and the cracking or the destruction of the people's religion, clearly aimed at the Shia people in Bahrain, is the thing that which is ultimately going to put them up before the International [Criminal] Court in The Hague.

I do welcome the activities being done by the lawyers and the human rights organizations for standing for decency in this world and we are going to put these genocidal maniacs, these perverts, these tortureres, and killers, and in due course, we'll have them arraigned before a Court of Criminal Justice and they will go down for the rest of their lives.

Q: The UK has recently come under fire for revelation that it continued to train Bahraini forces as they were suppressing the protest. Now, here, could the British government be held accountable for that, if proper international action is being perused? Also, the US is being accused of trying to protect the Al Khalifa family because of the US Navy's Fifth Fleet in Bahrain. So, do you think, will the UK and US interest will impeach the legal action at The Hague or elsewhere on the Bahraini regime?

Shakespeare: We have had a photograph of a smirking crown prince shaking hands with my Prime Minster [David Cameron]. I say smirking, his smile is not a smile, it is a dirty... knowing smile of a pervert, and you saw exactly the same smile on the face of the crown prince of Bahrain when he was, again, shaking hands with President Obama.

Now, they are shaking hands because now you see, here, the clearest evidence that Britain supports, totally, the crackdown in Bahrain, and the American government ordered the crackdown in Bahrain, and therefore rely on the power of America and the power of the UK in these matters.

The crown prince thinks that he and the rest of the Al Khalifa killers are going to get away with it. Well, they are not going to get away with it. Things are starting to turn against them as I take my hat off to the international press, and to organizations like the doctors organization, the trade union organizations, all of whom are bringing the truth out in the open.

I would like to comment on the corrupt and immoral activities of men who have been bribed in the Formula 1 motor organization. They received a delegation who noticed that it was sunny, [and] there was wind, [the delegation] who were given lunch, who then were taken on a shopping trip, and then when they came back, they were given large sums of money to maintain the Formula 1 motor race in Bahrain. They did this, and the amounts of money are large, so that the Bahrain government can claim that everything is back to normal indeed.

The Bahraini government has announced that it's going to have a festival in July. The title of the festival will be, and you can't make this up, “Victory for Joy”. Here is a little country being tortured, killed, genocide, and the public relation genii have decided to call this a “Victory for Joy” and my Prime Minster is supporting this, and now he is a genocidist, [and] a man who despises democracy, that is President Obama. They are supporting the suppression of democracy in Saudi Arabia, at the moment, they are starting to put the arms in and probably the drones in Yemen, and they are out to crush democracy right the way through the Middle East and let nobody else say anything else. The truth is out there and if you don't believe me, it comes when they shake hands with this pervert, these killers, on the steps of the White House and the steps of the Downing Street.

The truth is out there, and I thank the motor racing teams, Max Mosley [former FIA President] at their head, Bernie Ecclestone [president and CEO of Formula One Management and Administration], that man has started to change his tune, but he is another one who has accepted money and who is being corrupted by this. They support rapists, they support torturers, they support anti-democratic forces, and they try to make excuses, there are no excuses for any one. The truth is out there, and I congratulate The Independent, The Guardian, and the human right organizations and some of the main newspapers in the USA for brining the facts up for the public, at last.

Q: From the start of this, why do you think Bahrain did resort to using military force in getting help of the Saudi-led Persian Gulf Cooperation Council members in this as well? And if this conflict goes forward and moves on, the violence continues, where will it leave Bahrain?

Shakespeare: Well, just to answer the previous question, you cannot have dialogue with those you have killed. They are dead. You cannot have dialogue with those whom you have tortured, the memory and the pain is there for the rest of their lives, and if there is anyone [who] wants to make progress in Bahrain, they [Al Khalifa] [should] start by releasing all the prisoners. They [should] pay compensation for those who have been tortured and been killed. They [should] immediately call for a proper election internationally supervised, and they [should] then say that their crimes be taken to the International Criminal Court, they [should] offer an apology and the put the pearl back into Pearl Square.

As to why this happened it is simply because the USA which is now right in the open as the most anti-democratic force in the world. And the reason why the USA is anti-democratic, ultimately behind this, is the support for Saudi Arabia, ... for Egypt, for Libya, for all those regimes which was part of a structure ultimately aimed at giving support, open and secret support for Israel.

This is why you have the Prime Minster of Israel giving a “V” sign to Obama saying you can't make me change, the whole of your policy is actually dedicated to insuring that Israel stays as it is and continues its policy which is never ever settled for an independent state. That is why [Israel Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu can treat the American president on whom he ultimately realizes can treat him with contempt.

So you see that is the situation, but at least it is now out in the open, everybody knows what it is [and] nobody can deny it. Obama is anti-democratic, he is out to crush all forces of openness of humanity and democracy, and he is in this position because of the American policy, which is run by the neo-cons and the Zionists.

Not all the people in the State Department, half of them are decent people, but the rest of them are perverts and crooks who rule this world by force. [US Secretary of State] Hillary Clinton is the leader of these people, the most hypocritical of them all is Hillary Clinton, and I tell the world now that, that ghastly woman has pointed to what is going to happen, she said any country may bring in killer troops or it own troops to kill its own people, and that is Obama, who is actually controlled by Clinton and the Zionists. That is the future. It's a fascist future, it a 1984 [a George Orwell novel] future.

The people of this world are waking up, and we are going to go for democracy right the way across the Middle East and no one is going to stop us.

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