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Capitalism behind Environment Damage

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TEHRAN, June 10 (ICANA) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the “excessive consumerism” encouraged by “avaricious capitalists” is the root of all damage inflicted on the environment.
Friday, June 10, 2011 7:35:41 PM
Capitalism behind Environment Damage

Ahmadinejad, during a Thursday meeting with environment officials from Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) member states, dismissed claims that human's progress and promotion of their lifestyle is to blame for the world's environmental crises.

“The main factor behind the destruction of the environment is the greed and the ceaseless avarice and insatiable hunger of the world's capitalists,” IRNA quoted the Iranian president as saying.

“The world's capitalists, through intensifying excessive consumption and even the creation of false demands with the aim of maximum profits, disrupt the balance of nature,” he added.

Ahmadinejad expressed optimism that ECO, which enjoys a total population of over 400 million and deeply rooted civilizations along with rich natural resources, could pressure the world's major sources of pollution into changing their policies.

“The capitalist establishment and the world's major capitalists, the United States in particular, only seek maximum profits and to further reduce the cost of their products, they build production lines that are not compatible with the environment,” he said.

The Iranian president further criticized the world powers' refusal to modify their flawed production lines for the fear of losing interests.

He said two or three countries alone account for half of the world's total pollution, which is going beyond the emission of green house gases and results in drought, drastic temperature oscillations, lashing rains and flood in other regions.

Today there is a consensus on the concept of pollution and contrary to what was held traditionally, scientists argue that environment is an integrated entity and destruction in one part of the world affects ecological balance elsewhere, Ahmadinejad said.

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