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Senior Lawmaker Warns of Iran's Tough Response to British Allegations

Service : Politic
TEHRAN, June 13 (ICANA) – Senior Iranian parliamentary officials warned on Monday that Tehran is readying to give a tough response to the recent allegations made by London about Iran's interference in the other countries' internal affairs.
Monday, June 13, 2011 5:51:09 PM
Senior Lawmaker Warns of Iran's Tough Response to British Allegations

"Britain has had a clear history of animosity towards Iran during the last 30 years," Member of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Zohreh Elahian told FNA, commenting on British Foreign Secretary William Hague's allegation that Iran has helped Syria suppress anti-government protests.

"They will be left with no reputation if the documents substantiating the interference of their intelligence services in the regional countries' affairs are disclosed, so they had better refrain from raising such accusations," she said.

The lawmaker further noted her commission's earlier approval of cutting ties with Britain, and underlined that the parliament would give a crushing response to the British.

In similar remarks earlier today, Chairman of the same commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi pointed to the history of London's meddling in Iran and the region, and noted, "Under the present conditions, this country (Britain) is trying to portray an acceptable face of itself in the region through raising such claims."

Boroujerdi lambasted London's meddling in the region, and said that Britain lacks the necessary competence to voice judgment on movements and uprisings in the region.

"Regional nations should judge about Iran's and the region's movements, and not Britain which has always been a factor increasing problems for the regional nations in the past and now," the head of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission told FNA.

On Thursday, Iran summoned Britain's top diplomat in Tehran to protest at Hague's accusations.

An Iranian Foreign Ministry official told British Charge d'affaires Jane Marriott that the accusations leveled by Foreign Secretary William Hague were "without any evidence or reason".

"There is no justification for the British government to raise such charges against other countries because of its own meddlesome measures and destructive role in developments in the region, especially the training of military forces in some countries in order to suppress the people," the Iranian foreign ministry stated.

Hague's claims came nearly two weeks after the British government admitted that the Saudi troops sent to Bahrain to crush the popular uprisings in the tiny Persian Gulf island have had British military training.

The British Ministry of Defense admitted that members of the Saudi Arabian National Guard dispatched to Bahrain have received military trainings from the British Armed Forces in Saudi Arabia.

Britain keeps a large and secretive military training team in Saudi Arabia. British military personnel advise and teach the kingdom's forces in areas, including crowd control and suppression.

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