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US Ruling Elites Silent about Libya War

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TEHRAN, June 13 (ICANA) – An increasing number of civilians are reportedly being killed in NATO airstrikes on Libyan cities.
Monday, June 13, 2011 10:26:47 PM
US Ruling Elites Silent about Libya War

New images have emerged showing the aftermath of an alleged NATO airstrike targeting the capital Tripoli's Nasser University which reportedly left many university staff and students dead.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian from Washington, to ask him about what he thinks of NATO's bombings in Libya.

Q: What is your assessment of NATO's bombings in Libya? How come there is no media coverage of the repeated bombardments of Tripoli?

Tarpley: Well, this is the deceptive stealth profile of the Obama regime. Obama never talks about Libya. You can look in major attacks in newspapers and see that there is absolutely nothing about Libya from day to day. So it is a very unpopular war and the ruling elites have decided to simply be silent about it but they cannot be totally silent.

Right now in the Congress you can see a rebellion growing. On the one side, you have Senator Lugar, prominent Republican in foreign affairs, who is not happy with Obama. Lugar has of course been threatened by a Tea Party candidate in the primaries next year. He has also got the Webb/Corker Resolution which would force Obama to come to the Congress to get permission to continue the war in Libya and we have to remember that as up to the 20th of June just a little bit more than a week away, Obama will be impeached in that date, if he has not gotten the permission of the Congress or stops the US role.

But I think the most important political potential for Obama on this is the House Republicans, especially the Tea Party. Now these are the people who would like to have the United States default on this dead issue and they are being told by their Wall Street paymasters that that is not possible. So they are going to have to vote for a dead increase. So they will be desperate to find some way to act out their hostility to Obama and given the belief structure of many of these Republicans, voting to put an end to the war in Libya is a very definite way for them to act out this hostility.

So I think that is another potential factor. A third complex, we have Robert Gates, the US Secretary of Defense, in a rather hysterical speech saying that NATO is running out of bombs, at least the British and the French are, and that the contribution of the European NATO states is totally inadequate. I think this points to the fact of overstretch. Just in the past week, Obama has added a new war. We have now got predator drones attacking in Yemen that gives us Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan and now Yemen, five wars.

At one point does overstretch begin to kick in and relieve some pressure on the Libyan front. Especially as President Ahmadinejad of Iran has reminded us that the United States is preparing a move on the Pakistani nuclear forces that would mean essentially open shooting war between the United States and Pakistan and even beyond that. The crisis around Syria is taking a very ugly turn and that could easily turn into a regional war which is a scenario that we could develop that if we had time.

Q: Dr. Tarpley, what are the NATO air raids in Libya aimed at? It is assumed that United States can take out Gaddafi any time it wants. Is the United States letting him stay in power to justify more destruction in the country?

Tarpley: I do not see that at all. I think Gaddafi is a very wily and effective opponent and I do not see the ability of the United States to eliminate him at any time. However, we do have leaks out of the recent NATO meetings with Obama attending them in Europe that the US policy now is a stalemate descending into chaos where most of the country would go chaotic and the United States and some allies would seize enclaves around oil resources that they considered important.

So it is a cynical strategy but we also have CIA director [Leon] Panetta at his confirmation hearings to become [US] Secretary of Defense saying that the resistance by Gaddafi has blocked the entire process of color revolutions that the US had planned across the Arab and Islamic world, what they call reform movements, it means the combination of street demonstrations with military coups behind the scenes. Gaddafi has basically blocked all of that.

Q: What is your assessment of the opposition's moves and their international status at this point?

Tarpley: Well, when you have a so-called opposition that is causing NATO airstrikes, that celebrates the murder of three little children a couple of weeks ago when the Gaddafi grandchildren were killed, when you have people who are eagerly demanding predator drones to come in and ravage their own country, in other words, an opposition that says come and let's turn Libya into a new Iraq or a new Afghanistan, a failed state and a new Somalia, I think these people deserve the opprobrium of the entire world and I think they are on their way to getting it.

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