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Cyber Attack Hits IMF Computer Systems

Service : Economy
TEHRAN, June 13 (ICANA) – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been the latest victim in a string of cyber attacks that have targeted large and well-known companies and institutions in the US.
Monday, June 13, 2011 11:22:06 PM
Cyber Attack Hits IMF Computer Systems

The attack, which was aimed at stealing sensitive insider information, had lasted for several months, but the board of directors of the institution had only been told about the attack on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

The IMF holds sensitive economic data on many nations.

Cyber security experts have said that it will be difficult to trace the country that could have been behind the attack.

Jeff Moss, from the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Committee said “if they can't catch them, I'm afraid it might embolden others to try."

Recently, Lockheed Martian, Citigroup Inc, Sony Corp and Google Inc. have also been hit by cyber attacks.

The wave of these attacks coincides with US officials seeking to label cyber attacks as an act of war, allowing them to use military force to retaliate.

Dr. Karen Kwiatkowski, a former Pentagon official, said in an interview with Press TV earlier this month that this was “a pretext designed for an ability to attack without really having a justifiable reason and also a misunderstanding of the nature of the internet.”

Meanwhile, CIA Director Leon Panetta told the US Congress on Thursday that the US is faced with a “real possibility” of cyber attacks that could cripple their electricity grid, security, financial and power systems.

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