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Iran Urges US, Britain to Correct Wrong Policies

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TEHRAN, June 14 (ICANA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast described Washington and London's wrong policies as the root cause of the nations' wrath and hatred for the US and Britain, and called on the two states to revise their mistaken policies instead of leveling accusations against Iran.
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 8:08:48 PM
Iran Urges US, Britain to Correct Wrong Policies

"If the US and British officials make use of all their talent to hear the powerful voice of the regional nations and get their message, they will realize that the main reason behind people's movement and the regional Muslim nation's awakening move is the wrath and the hatred created by the policies of the western countries, specially the US and Britain, in the region," Mehman-Parast said on Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters in his weekly press conference, the Iranian foreign ministry presser pointed to the recent allegations raised by London about Iran's meddling in Syria, and added that the US and Britain make such allegations in a bid to project the blame on others and divert the world attention from the reality and help the main culprits go unnoticed.

"They lack the needed competence to raise such claims," Mehman-Parast went on saying.

He further advised the US and British officials "to correct their wrong policies of the past instead of raising such baseless claims, and to realize that the regional states will no more tolerate their colonialist policies," he concluded.

The remarks by Mehman-Parast came after British Foreign Secretary William Hague told Britain's Parliament last week that Tehran has helped Syria suppress anti-government protests.

He also claimed that London had "credible information" Iranian government had provided paramilitary training to Syrian security forces.

On Thursday, Iran summoned Britain's top diplomat in Tehran to protest at Hague's accusations.

An Iranian Foreign Ministry official told British Charge d'affaires Jane Marriott that the accusations leveled by William Hague were "without any evidence or reason".

"There is no justification for the British government to raise such charges against other countries because of its own meddlesome measures and destructive role in developments in the region, specially the training of military forces in some countries in order to suppress the people," the Iranian foreign ministry official stated.

Hague's claims came nearly two weeks after the British government admitted that the Saudi troops sent to Bahrain to crush the popular uprisings in the tiny Persian Gulf island had received British military training.

The British Ministry of Defense admitted that members of the Saudi Arabian National Guard dispatched to Bahrain had received military trainings from the British Armed Forces in Saudi Arabia.

Britain keeps a large and secretive military training team in Saudi Arabia. British military personnel advise and teach the kingdom's forces in areas, including crowd control and suppression.

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