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Egypt Wants New Constitution: Poll

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TEHRAN, June 14 (ICANA) – An opinion poll has found that majority of Egyptians support a referendum on a new constitution before holding any other elections in the country.
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 8:20:17 PM
Egypt Wants New Constitution: Poll

The poll, conducted by four local human rights organizations, reveals a strong yearning for a fresh constitution and constituent assembly in Egypt.

Many newly-established political parties, including the Free Egyptians Party and Coalition of the Youth of the Revolution, also support the setting up of a constitution before the parliamentary or presidential elections.

However, not all political groups are of the same opinion, a Press TV report said on Monday.

The Muslim Brotherhood, along with many other conservative forces, have announced that they are fully against the idea.

They maintain that in a previous referendum on constitutional amendments, held in March, the Egyptians voted for holding parliamentary elections before a referendum on the constitution.

According to the March referendum, a new parliament should be elected before the writing of a constitution. After that, the country would be able to choose a president in nation-wide ballots.

“Any attempt to change the road-map of the transitional period is an attempt to go around the democratically-expressed will of the people,” Mohammad el-Beltagy, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood told Press TV.

The call for a referendum on constitution was first promoted by some liberal and secular parties in the last couple of weeks.

However, observers say it is still too early to predict which voices will gain the upper hand in Egypt's political arena, nearly four months after their popular revolution.

The Egyptians launched the revolution against the regime of former ruler Hosni Mubarak in January, putting an end to his 30-year-long rule in February.

The Egyptian dictator, charged with the killing of revolutionaries and abuse of power, is now in police custody in a hospital in the Red Sea resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh.

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