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Morocco Unveils Democratization Plan

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TEHRAN, June 18 (ICANA) – Moroccan King Mohammed VI has unveiled draft reforms that will reduce his political powers and transform the nation into a constitutional monarchy.
Saturday, June 18, 2011 10:25:17 PM
Morocco Unveils Democratization Plan

In a televised speech on Friday night, King Mohammed said that Morocco's constitution “will be reformed to produce a constitutional monarchy with a democratic parliamentary system.”

The monarch stated that the head of the government in the future should come "from the ranks of the political party which comes out top in parliamentary elections," AFP reported.

It would mean a "government emerging through direct universal suffrage," said the king.

The democratic proposals will be put to a referendum on July 1, according to the king.

King Mohammed said the prime minister “would be able to dissolve the lower house of parliament after consulting the king, house speaker and head of the constitutional court.”

In addition, the proposals provide for indigenous Berber to become an official language alongside Arabic in the new draft constitution.

King Mohammed also stated that the new government will improve the status of women and bring about social justice and equality, adding that the judiciary will be independent.

The February 20 Movement, which is named after the date of its first nationwide protests, brought thousands of protesters onto the streets in Morocco in February, demanding democratic reforms.

In March, the king promised to promote greater democracy by strengthening the roles of the prime minister, parliament, and the judiciary.

Morocco has been facing serious economic problems over the past few years, with high unemployment and rising levels of poverty.

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